Episode 1 – Part 2: Battlefield

Season 4> Episode 1 – Part 2: Battlefield

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I could still feel the cold air whooshing around me and my body somehow slumping. But, I was awake and keenly aware of where I was and what was going on. It was like being asleep, but just awake enough to hear what the kids were doing so I’d know if one was crying or if they were sneaking cookies.

I was half in a dream… I think. But, at the same time there was a realness to where I was now standing. I saw Europa in front of me standing next to and cuddling a tall young man. He was beautiful but had a definite danger to him. He kissed her and held her. The warmth her face lacked began to return as she hugged him and the flames in her eyes went out.

Instead of a sort of reptilian hued beauty, she had an almost innocent schoolgirl look…

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