Episode 2 – Part 2: The Barn

Season 4> Episode 2 – Part 2: The Barn



Leaving the Smoky Mountains was painful. I had finally reconnected with my best friend from I don’t know how long ago. Marty was in love. She had not been in love for a century or so because she was so hung up on Clarke. He’s like Troy in so many ways and only led her on. She was determined that if she loved him enough then she would be enough.

And she was… when he was lonely and not in hot pursuit of someone else. She was happy with him to an extent. But, I was the one who had to keep reminding her that for every happy moment there was a painful one she had to pay in exchange.

For example, he’d say something like… he was going to cancel on her to see some woman and then be mystified as to why she felt disregarded. He was a…

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