Season 4> Episode 1 – Part 1: Stillness

Season 4> Episode 1 – Part 1: Stillness

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I have been waiting for this for a long time. Time is relative to me, but still… I feel the passage of eons. I think for me it has been a mere five days or so because I am an angel, but just like a day is as a thousand years to the Lord… I think he gave me grace on this one.

Europa… not so much. I think she was made to feel every day of her bad decisions and so she entertains herself by devouring random Jupites trying to suck the life force out of them hoping it will free her.

The angels in our family have not been the best of the bunch. I mean even though Europa is my cousin and Deliahlyn became a false prophet Oracle at the Jade Gates, and DanielTee became a God of War, I think the other fifty or so of us…

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