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Got tired of waiting for the next best thing after Twilight? Here is a new predicament that changes everything we knew about vampires.

Headline: Tired of sucky vampire stories? Miss Twilight quality books?

Got tired of waiting for the next best thing after Twilight. A new set of college aged characters set in a predicament that changes everything we knew about vampires.

Thank you!

We are so grateful you stopped by to check out our project. With your support, we promise to end the wait for the next great vampire story that Twilight left you yearning for. We don’t believe people are tired of vampires, but you are tired of unsatisfying stories. We can fix that for you.


You’ve waited a long time for this: Every time a new show, book, or movie with promising trailers came out, admit it, you got excited. That thrilling excitement that your thirst for another Twilight-like experience was coming. And it didn’t deliver. We won’t let you down. Even people who don’t like vampire stories LOVED this one.

You want to FINALLY get what you’ve been waiting for: There is nothing more satisfying than satisfaction. You will have been drawn in, read the entire book, and half way through the next installment in the series before you realize “Hey, I’ve finally got that hole Twilight left me with filled.”

You want more than just a few books and then it’s over: We’ve got ongoing drama (based on the books) online waiting for you. It gives you an all access pass to the things you never knew were going on while our main characters were running for their lives. We have written up to the middle of Season 4, and Season 1 has been illustrated and set on both Kindle and paperback to add to the book collection.

Are you really ready to give up?: I know. It’s tempting to. Everyone else has promised to be the next great thing that you’ll love and fell short. We tested our material to ensure that you would be completely in love with us as your new vampire fix. How? When the story was first written the raw manuscript was sent overseas with ONE soldier. Within 1 week of him reading the story the base went on blackout (meaning no internet etc.) and the soldiers formed a line and passed the book down page by page. FIVE more bases were reading it 3 days after that. If you are a member of the armed forces, “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. And for reading our book.”

What do you have to lose?: About a dollar ($.99 on Kindle if you don’t use this opportunity to get a paperback copy as a backer’s reward). But let’s face it. There’s at least that much loose change floating around your car, your bedroom, or your jacket pocket right this moment. Will you spend it on a dollar menu burger, or on getting the story you’ve been craving for how many years now?


Because you’ve already read them and were disappointed. We understand if you’re still on the fence though. Let me tell you how we are different and give you a taste of what you are backing here.

Different: Vampires have a real shot at redemption and can become human again by abstaining from blood. The longer a vampire doesn’t feed, the more human they become.

Different:An angel (Primus) was captured and dragged into Hell during the Noah’s Ark flood. He made a deal to become the first vampire and spread the venom after losing his mind down there. So, God made the vampires a deal too (if 3 stop drinking blood all of them can become human again).

Different: Demons hunt our characters while angels are sent to help them, an archangel to be exact.

Different: Our leading lady started off as a job for her vampire boyfriend, was abandoned to be tortured, and was later swept off her feet by our leading man, well vampire, who just so happens to be the Last Convert (#3 trying to become human again).


Dating a vampire was no big deal because he loved me, or I thought he did. I found myself standing in front of his boss trying to account for all of the snack bites on my body and found out that I was a job. Then I was tortured and had a death warrant hanging over my head.

Naturally I lost it. I confided in my sister and my parents sent me to a shrink, who happened to be a vampire. She explained that the only reason for my predicament was because some rogue fell for me and his boss was trying to kill him. I was the bait.

But, the rogue found me, and Paul is a darling. But the same shrink erased my parents’ memories, my sister possibly died in some sort of a chase, and now I’m hearing voices in my head claiming that I am an immortal and immortals who still have a pulse have a prophesy that says that since I got bitten I can defeat the vampire boss Primus… who is hunting Paul and me… and sending actual demons to find us… but an archangel has been helping Paul along the way.

If we can get to The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee we might live to see next week. But, at least I will have been loved by a vampire who was worth it at least once before I die… or get killed. One of them.


I couldn’t put it down – I literally walked around the house just reading. Every available second I was reading. My husband wanted to read it because he had never seen me so into a book before.

I had to see what happened next – I have to be at work at 5:30 am, but I stayed up late every night for a week reading this book. I’d take it with me to work and read on my breaks. One day I left it in my desk and was angry I couldn’t read more that night. I can’t wait for the next one.

I don’t read vampire books – But, I read this one. In fact, this is the only vampire story I am willing to read because it was good. Not interested in the genre, just this book.

I read this in two days on my phone – I had a blackberry at the time and every time the phone rang I had to re-find my page because it was a .pdf file. But, I read all day, all night, and just stopped everything else until I got to the end. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Very good – I didn’t know what to expect after Twilight because I don’t really like vampire stuff, but I liked Twilight. So, after reading this I was like “WOW.” This was great. I might not read another vampire story, but I want to read every book in this series.


ABSOLUTELY. Why wouldn’t it be with reviews like that? Our goal is to be seen. To get this story out there to you, to people who have been continually disappointed by the promise of something wonderful and let down. Now, we’re not saying we are going to out do Twilight. By no means. But, we are saying that we at least are a decent follow up for the hole Twilight left when it was over. We even have a free game on Google Play (look up Vampiri Speed Raid).

Funds raised by this project will mainly go towards printing and shipping to you and other readers we are reaching out to (shipping to soldiers on active duty, veterans, middle school reading programs, libraries, and prisons). We want to fund getting 2,500 copies out there.

Will you help us?


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