Episode 2 – Part 3: Penance

Season 4> Episode 2 – Part 3: Penance



I have this fear. Like, when I finally do get home to see Anna that all there will be is screaming and fighting like it was when I left. I was leaving her and despite my sugarcoated words she felt it. Every morsel of the knife going in and being plunged so far into her heart that it might as well remain there rather than be extracted for healing.

Anna knew.

She would always get so jealous when I would mention having run into somebody that knew me. I mean, we’re immortals and as such we know a lot of people and have a lot of acquaintances. But, she was jealous of every last single one of them.

I snapped at her once. I said something like she was accusing me of being a whore and being with both men and women if she was going to have a fit…

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