Episode 3 – Part 1: Humane?

Season 4> Episode 3 – Part 1: Humane?



(Elle and Ryan finding a kidnapped Linus…)

Linus strapped to a chair is not what I thought we were walking into. I looked around for Alistor who had already made himself scarce for the sake of swooping in on us and having 3 victims instead of just one. Well, I don’t feel like being tortured today.

“Alistor…” I said in a raised voice. “He’s our friend.” I tried to sound beckoning. Like sparing us was an act of kindness he always wanted to bestow on some poor soul.

“But, we have a deal.” came Alistor’s smooth voice echoing from the barn’s loft.

I looked around for Ryan not finding him. “Ryan?” I shouted.

“I’m fine. I’m right here. I just had to put his staff out of the building.” Ryan said calmly as he came and stood at my side. Then he untied Linus.

“What kind of deal Linus? What…

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