Divinity: Prologue

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 For eons we have known of the war of good verses evil.  There have been times when evil seemed to prevail…. until God Almighty declares an end….

Trumpets began to sound in Heaven, they told the story of victory, after eons of being at war, GOOD had finally conquered EVIL. Now God was free to begin re-creation. The echo of foot steps could only slightly make a contribution to the thunderous chorus that was still being sung, “Glory to God Almighty, conqueror of the evil one Satan”, as God’s generals, his Archangels, proceeded down the Hall of Cosmos to the throne room for the sentencing of the Vices, Satan’s unholy elders; Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, and Greed.

As they entered the throne room, the Archangels lined the Vices in front of God.  Michael commanded them to kneel before the Lord Almighty, the Vices looked among one another before…

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