Episode 4 – Part 1: Takeoff

Season 4> Episode 4 – Part 1: Takeoff



(Rejoining Troy and Lois as they leave to search for Paul and Lorena…)

Lois was easy enough to get along with, provided I was a gentleman. She soaked in the bathtub and I’m pretty sure she tested out whether or not she’d drown by staying under the water for a few minutes. I didn’t hear her hyperventilating or anything, so I guess she’s decided to not let being undead scare her.

Her only focus is to find her sister by any means possible. I respect that. It makes me sad to know that Lois would otherwise not have anything to do with me if I wasn’t the one who was helping her. She is such a ray of sunlight and hope for me, and I… well I ruined her life and broker her sister’s heart.

How dare I sit here smiling while I fabricate a marriage license that states that…

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