Epic Notes: Dripping Ideas


(A word from Amelia.)

I have a confession to make before I go to a death match. I do not know if it will mean anything in the long run, but I would still like to try one more thing before I go into the arena tomorrow morning.

That is what I will say to my boss… the archangel… who promised that I could leave the Jade Gates and go to the Alaska Dome in a year after my next three assignments.

What shall I say I want to try though?

I mean, this hasn’t been entirely unfruitful. I did meet a nice guy. He is on the “reform” pathway for the noble cause of saving his vampire mother. He does want to see vampires redeemed and go back to being human, more or less. Then what? He’s human, lives and dies, and I’m still stuck here?

I hadn’t realized I zoned out lost in thought.

“I see where your thoughts are.” Raphael said as he sat next to me on the sofa.

“Darn, caught by my boss.” I said trying to make light of it.

“You want to know that you will get to keep the happiness that was promised to you. That is a very normal human thing.” he said.

“But, I’m not human.” I countered.

“Yes you are. You are human and part angel. Don’t discount that very human part of you. It is normal to want some sort of guarantee that things will be okay in the end. Might I suggest that God will supply all of your need according to his riches and glory? Not according to your mortality, his status as a vampire, or your loneliness. Have a little faith Amelia.” Raphael continued.

“I’m scared. I got used to being afraid that I’d be all alone. I’ve been married 12 times and it’s never worked out. I just don’t want to get my hopes up.” I explained in my defense.

“Yes, you have been married 12 times. But, you have lived more than 12 human lifetimes. Let us say that for the lifetime you have left before the end of days that God has one more marriage for you. A good end. A future full of hope. Can you not believe for this much? You know that your own belief will either cause your happy ending to break forth or slip away from you. I say this to remind you to grow not weary while doing good for in due season you will reap what you have believed for if you do not lose heart. Remember where you are.” he concluded, rose, and walked out.

I’m in a pit in the mountains trying to beat vampires and blood demons so people will not be cattle. But, he has a point. There is a dreariness to this place. Like there is an evil spirit assigned to sucking the hope right out of you. Perhaps that’s what’s bothering me.

I walked around trying to see if I recognized anybody from Hell that I could pick a fight with and teleport back down. It’s easy for me to travel back and forth but, not so much for them. I wonder if that would be considered cheating. Even though I could just leave at will I don’t want to leave the rest of my team high and dry.

Raphael brought me specifically though. That’s been a recurring thought for me. I’m not strong like other Neph’s. I mean, I’m definitely stronger than a human, but that’s nothing compared to how strong some of the other part angels are. I wonder…

I decided to test it. I mean, if it is cheating then oh well. It’s not like demons are going to play fair anyway. I have 4 hours to do whatever it is that I’m going to do before the first match which starts at 8 am. So, here goes nothing.

I decided to go dark. Which essentially means invisible. I can do that too, not everyone can. Sometimes angels are meant to be present but not seen. I think that’s why everyone got a stick of gum that acts as a compass. They must know that I can teleport and want some sort of warning so I don’t go around blessing everybody… Now there’s an idea.

I went back to our room, locked myself in the bathroom, filled the tub with water and blessed the water. I got in, clothes and all, and teleported straight from there to the hallway on the uppermost level. I went to the tunnel that lead outside to find that the night cats and vampires who had cornered Jared and Bryan were still standing there in stasis.

My hands were dripping wet, so I started flicking drops of water at them. Although they were in stasis their eyes were moving, scared, angry, dreading the moment, watching the others disintegrate into ash in front of them.

I wonder if they have a surveillance system watching me do all of this. Once everyone here was a pile of ash I clouded back to the bathroom, dunked myself into the tub and sat in the warm water trying to decide how I felt about just killing a bunch of demons and vampires just because.

Was this really just because? I mean we are in a death match to shut down the human farms out here. Even though only the owners and champions are here, the people running the farms would still need to be exterminated to truly get people out. Besides, I promised Pittman I would come back. I promised.

“Should we be worried?” Jared asked intuitively.

“Shoot!” I said to myself.

“What is it?” he asked concerned.

“I should have taken you first just in case.” I said.

“We can’t be harmed by Holy Objects anymore. Raphael blessed us remember?” Jared said sweetly.

Get me the hell out of here is what he meant.

“True.” I said as I drummed my fingers and pondered where I could drop them off at. I stepped out of the tub and left a puddle on the floor.

“Where is this monastery exactly?” I asked.

Bryan walked closer and looked at Jared grinning.

“What you don’t want to see me fight again?” I heard Bob say as he came around the corner.

A loud splash sounded behind me. Raphael touched down in the tub, sat calmly, and soaked in the water sensing it had been sanctified.

“You really think you’re getting off without a fight eh?” Raphael said teasingly to Bob.

“This is why you brought me here isn’t it?” I asked my boss.

“It was only natural to bring you. You’re my best sneaky child. You’d figure out how to get this done in a way that would lead you to your next assignment without much guidance.” he told me as he stood tall and water poured back into the tub from his now extended wings.

“You could have just told me.” I snapped at him.

“And deprive you of the joy in figuring out the will of the Lord on your own. I wouldn’t dare.” He said as he went dark and we could only hear the water still dripping off of him. “Don’t be long or you’ll catch a cold.”

I nodded in response.

“Do we need to hold hands or anything for this to work?” Jared asked.

Bob laughed. “Your innocence is astonishing.”

I looked at Bob and how beautiful his smile was, then lifted us off the ground about two inches. The water dripping off of Raphael was multiplying and starting a flood. Which made sense. Let’s flush them out from the bottom up. We can hold them off at the surface if everyone who is trying to get out is being flooded on the lower levels.

As my mist surrounded us I felt the cold of the sharp mountain wind blow across me.

Damn. No one said there’d be snow here. I’m freezing.
“Hang in there until we get back.” I told the boys as I left them on the snowy peak outside of a closed gate. The monastery looked brand new. Not a drop of history about it. Very picturesque. Very dangerous.

Who knew demons would build a fort like that?

But, in the business of human farming, it makes sense.

I clouded back to the bathroom only to find that the flooding was very slow. How disappointing, I thought I’d be swimming down the hallway. Even so, I got back into the tub and sat in the warm water until I felt better.

I thought for sure I’d be attacked but maybe that’s what the water on the floor was for. No one would come in here. This is going to be too easy.


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