Episode 4 – Part 2: Phantoms

Season 4> Episode 4 – Part 2: Phantoms



Lois stayed asleep during the entire flight. I wondered if she had ever been afraid of flying, or if perhaps she thought that since she’s a vampire she’s more likely to survive a plane crash and might as well sleep. I watched her intently and blocked out the pockets of turbulence by concentrating on the soft features of her face.

Perhaps I had given her one useful bit of advice while we were on the road headed to my hideout in Vegas. Sleep away the hunger pangs that make you want to drink people. I’d rather her stay awake to keep me company, but leaving me alone in consciousness may be the only choice she has to avoid feeding on everyone on this plane.

I wish things were different and that I had been assigned to Lois instead. Granted I was ready to marry her sister. But, I think Lorena…

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