Episode 4 – Part 3: Mirrors

Season 4> Episode 4 – Part 3: Mirrors



The layover for our flight to Rome landed us in England. But, that was okay. The sooner we get off the driven path the better. For all we know, those phantoms did report us and there is an entourage waiting for us to land in Rome. I heard about Elle and Ryan’s debacle with Mars there. I’d actually like to avoid The Vatican if at all possible. They are on the lookout for vampires too. Only now Elle and Ryan are somehow invincible and the usual weapons of Holy oil and water didn’t work on them.

Well, I can’t afford to take that chance. Not with Lois by my side. Who would protect her then? Anyone could tell her anything. She doesn’t know anyone. She won’t recognize the faces that I have grown accustomed to over the centuries and know who is safe to trust. No one at the moment…

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