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A letter to Anna in the missed moments area…

Bravely Said

Missed moment

I have lived since the 1800’s. When my husband was killed in front of me, all of the things I wish I had said came flooding to me. I ran away from our attacker carrying our child. But, I never felt like I got to close that wound until I wrote it all down. I know I didn’t tell him to his face, but I still felt better. I want to be able to do that for you too.

Feeling better is priceless.

May your burden be lighter having shared it with someone.

Confidentiality is absolute.

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One thought on “Missed Moments – Letter in Comments

  1. Dear Anna,

    I heard it was finally okay to write you. I’m sorry to hear about your husband. That totally sucks. I have had a recent loss in my family as well. While vacationing in Fuji we had an accident.
    My family and my brother’s family went on a boat trip to circle the island and encountered what we now know to be The Siren. She is a shape shifting water demon that regularly takes the shape of a pre-historic giant shark. In an effort to get away we tried to cloud ourselves and the boat out of the beast’s mouth as it swallowed us whole.

    My nephew was caught in a current of water and was swept away before we could catch him in the cloud. We don’t think he survived. He was only 97. Of course he was stuck at 16, but 97 is nothing to someone who has lived for over 300 years. Pray for my family.

    The more we learned about this Siren the more we found out that she farms out victims to vampires for food.

    If we hear anything, I will let you know. But, if you know anyone who can help us… Please, send help for him.


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