Old Lace – Letter in Comments

A letter to Anna…

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old lace

Now, like I said I’ve been around for a long time. And I’ve been married more than a few times. Everyone has got a past and sometimes you can’t feel comfortable sharing all of the details about it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to talk about it though. Those were some good times…

What about you? Anything you haven’t been able to share?

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One thought on “Old Lace – Letter in Comments

  1. Dear Anna,

    I have a problem. I’m getting married and my soon to be husband doesn’t know all about my past lives of being past wives. I’m marrying a human. He’s as sweet as they come, and I know that it’s intrinsically hard to be married to someone you get to keep for so short a time since we are immortals. But, I want to enjoy the next 60 years or so by his side.

    I know you have been married like twenty times and that you usually go for human men.

    How did you go about having that conversation with them? I mean he’s going to notice after the first few decades that I’m not getting any older. But, I don’t want to scare him into a heart attack when he’s old and frail, or lie about cosmetic surgery that our bank accounts and insurance statements won’t support.

    I want a little piece of him to last with me forever. Having his children… I’m hoping at least one of them is immortal like me.

    Anyways. What do you think? Should I tell him before the wedding? If I say that I’ll always be young and hot do you think he will freak out?


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