Episode 4 – Part 4: My ‘Other’ Wife

Season 4> Episode 4 – Part 4: My Other Wife

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A week went by in England. I wanted so badly to pretend that my new wife and I were enjoying life as tenant farmers like in the 1600’s. That was a nice era. There was so much that was clear and uncomplicated. Either you had money and political problems or you were broke, happy with the woman you loved, slightly starving and worried about freezing in the winter. But, we are undead so half of that wouldn’t apply. If Lois wasn’t happy as a farmer we could drink someone wealthy, take their money, and have political problems.

We could make a game out of it. Whoever got found out as a vampire first lost a point. We’d have to play it like a suave game of chess, drinking the pawns and knights right off the chessboard until checkmate and pay up came around. I enjoyed that with my ninth wife…

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