Episode 5 – Part 1: Subconscious

Season 4> Episode 5 – Part 1: Subconscious


Europa 1

(Rejoining Gwen… still stuck on one of Jupiter’s moons)

The cold air filled my lungs and replaced the hot air from the dead soldiers with a refreshing shock of life. I was alive, I really did reunite with Daniel, and as ridiculous and grandiose as it sounds… I really am somehow important enough to be sent to another planet to help save what’s left of Helios’ inhabitants who were stuck here.

I almost fell for it. I almost believed Lucifer. It sounded totally plausible that Daniel forcibly took me, so I could keep my pride and not have to admit that I still love him. It made sense that Belle possibly had telepathic abilities and I was left to die in a place like Petra, a place I would want to be laid to rest if I was the one who died. It made sense that my unfaithful husband replaced…

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