Episode 5 – Part 2: Mad Dash


I don’t know how to get back into the zone. I was lifting her off into the night sky and very quickly fainted into some sort of out of body experience. I saw my body laying on the ground in a puddle of water that seemed to be sucked into my body as thought I was a sponge. My hair began turning ice blue, and the fire around me turned to mist.

It was like I was sleeping in a marsh somewhere. I rose until I could see into space. I saw the archway on Ganymede and the swarms of citizens in movement. Good. Daniel is getting them ready to run for it.

I looked at Europa trapped in the machine. I saw her slowly coming too and desperately fighting for movement and consciousness.

Primus clouded to her side and tried to move the machine. He wound up only pushing it further away. The door to the Met Dorton was suddenly clear as a bell. It was huge. There was the very obvious absence of stars as though a growing black disk was blocking it.

That disk revealed itself as a monstrosity though. It opened from a slit in the middle revealing an eyeball, just an eyeball, like looking through a peephole in a door. It was as huge as the moon the Jupites were fleeing from and it stared coldly at Europa and Primus.

Callisto saw her moment. The archway went from black as tar to the pale white light of the moon. The people started running through. A vibrating light emanated from the archway seeming to cart them off in massive waves through space. I could hear the excited chatter as they fled.

Finally, Daniel had found his redemption.

But, where was Lucifer hiding?

“How impressive traitor.” A smooth voice hissed at me.

Well, that answers my question for where the devil went.

“Speak for yourself.” I said.

“I should drag you back to my den. You’d make a fabulous half-wife.” He continued as he began walking around me like he was inspecting a piece of meat.

“I plead the blood of Jesus over me.” I said and threw him a dirty look.

“Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” He sang like the old Sunday School song began.

“You really think that’ll protect you?” he began.

“It is written that I can cast out serpents and scorpions with the name of Jesus. Anywhere in particular you want me to send you?” I said hoping he wasn’t about to stab me in the back or something.

“Witty. I see why he likes you. I don’t believe Daniel left my warm den to see you though. You know he’s only been using you to get back into someone else’s good graces. How does that fare for your love story?” Lu continued.

“Quite fine. It is written that you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your strength. Daniel should not love me more than God or strive to please me more than God. I am happy he is trying to redeem himself.” I continued. I felt like Jesus on the mountain during his 40 day fast.

“You know, if you’re so sure that the Jupites are really being sent home, why don’t you join them? For all you know Daniel is trying to complete his original mission to destroy them. He could be sending them straight to the Met Dorton himself. And Callisto… well, isn’t it convenient that she’s trapped here and so vocal. How do you know it wasn’t her that needed to be expelled into the abyss?” he continued.

I forced myself to move. I tried to reach back from this in between state I’m in to regain consciousness in my body. I felt the heaviness of my muscles. The moisture from the evaporated water, the muggy air and the effort put into breathing. I have to wiggle my toes or something.

Night terrors were good practice for what to do to awaken from a spiritual battle, you have to either say something out loud or move a part of your body to wake up out of it.

He saw me struggling and attempted to mesmerize me with his eyes.

“I don’t see anything I want there.” I replied as I felt myself drawing closer to my goal.

“I can give you this world if you want it. You’ll be the queen of an entire planet. Just take my hand.” He whispered into my ear.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” I managed.

I heard my voice weakly as I stumbled into consciousness.

Lu stood above me looking down at my awakening body. “Don’t be difficult.”

I clouded to Ganymede plopping down on someone’s wagon of goods and causing a momentary pause in the mad dash to get off planet. I struggled to my feet and fled to the sidelines looking for Daniel.

Wouldn’t it be just like me to have clouded to the wrong hemisphere of the city to start looking for him there?

The Jupites were panicked not excited. It wasn’t a jolly run anymore. The atmosphere was tense and thick with fear. Did moving Europa to the machine make them more vulnerable to her attacks? I clouded to the top of the nearest building. Growing behind the masses was a cloud with flailing octopus like arms. But, it was like something was being transported here as they were being transported back to Helios.

A force field kept it at bay so that no one could be snatched away by the long arms. But, the field seemed to be moving closer. Looking up I saw Daniel hovering with his arms outstretched casting the field that kept the remaining Jupites out of reach.

At least I was in the right hemisphere. I clouded to him immediately and shouted as loudly as I could to get his attention.

“What is that thing? Can I cloud it away?” I asked him.

“The Met Dorton has emerged. It is trying to capture both Callisto and Europa. You can’t cloud what is not technically on our plane.” he answered me.

“It came personally?” I asked surprised.

“Lu pissed it off, so yeah.” he shouted.

I ran into the still fleeing crowd and started clouding them to the front of the line and basically throwing them into the portal. I could at least make sure that no one close to the end of the line got left behind.

The force field was a good mile away and people were calmer, although still running for their lives. I went back to check on Daniel. He looked down at me with black eyes, he looked like he had aged 30 years from just a few minutes ago. It’s killing him.

He smiled weakly at me. I knew he’d never give up because he felt it was his fault that these people had been trapped here all this time. He would gladly die trying to make it right. There were still about two thousand people who needed to get to the gate. By the time the last person would make it, Daniel could be dead.

Being part angel has got to mean something. I held my arms out and let the mist pour from me until a nice milky white layer of cloud rippled like water in front of us. Daniel’s aging seemed to start reversing as he descended to stand by me. I reached out to hold his hand, and the mist solidified into a solid wall.

“Don’t just stand there. Run.” Callisto’s voice came booming from behind us.

The portal was receding as the remaining Jupites fled.

“What happens when the evacuation is complete? How do we get home Daniel?” I asked as we backed away and began to jog towards his sister.

“The plan was to return through the Red Spot, but with that thing out there I don’t think it will be possible.” he replied.

“I don’t want to go to Helios.” I said.

“That may not be an option.” Daniel said weakly as the portal ahead of us began to shrink to the size of a small door.

I clouded us to it as the last ten people went through.

“Come on.” Callisto said.

The white wall we had erected shattered like a broken mirror and thousands of shadow looking skeletons burst through running straight for us.

We walked through the door and felt the whoosh of thousands of stars flying past us. It was like something out of a movie. Helios unfortunately did not have a plan for so many people arriving on land and the portal left us standing in a shallow pool of warm snow.

At least it’s warm.