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Past Life

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I think there’s a difference between being a nice person and being a good person. A lot of nice people are snakes in the grass and a lot of really good people come off as harsh. I haven’t always been the woman I am today. i mean I have had to survive some pretty hard times. I’m not always proud of how things went down, especially when I was following orders from someone I knew was a selfish bastard.

I bet you have a story or two about what you had to do to make it too. It’s not all always pretty. I get that. Let me know if you get that too.

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One thought on “Past Life – Letter in Comments Section

  1. Dear Anna,

    I used to prey on the homeless. I would become their beacon of hope only to watch them squander the riches I would bestow on them in a vain attempt to show how worthless the human race was. I used to pick out people at random and produce dukes and ladies of court. But, as their progress grew and their children spread… I discovered that my fun little experiment should have had more meaning.
    I should have been more selective.

    You see. The people I chose were not upstanding citizens who fell on hard times and were worthy of being restored. I chose the villains that God had punished as my way of shaking my fist at God for making me immortal and thus forced to stay on God’s green earth. I felt deprived and like God was denying me the opportunity to enter heaven by extending my life without limits.

    It endlessly pissed me off that the dregs of the world could enter into his grace and I was stuck here in the mud. So I lifted up the ones who should have stayed down and now I am responsible for the bloodline that produced a man who has inflicted such pain and suffering on the people of earth.

    It was me who raised his family up twelve generations ago. A family that would not have survived to become what it is now. A family that I think God was trying to keep from rising to power and I wouldn’t let well enough alone.

    And now I have killed the great grandson of someone I used to befriend so that he cannot continue to torture, enslave, sell, and farm out the people of this region.

    I feel it is my personal mission to undo the damage I have done over the years as penance and am now grateful that I am immortal and can afford the years it will take me to set things right.

    One little problem though. Half of them are vampires.

    Any ideas Anna?



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