Epic Notes: From Failure to Darling…?

1 Year Anniversary REPLAY: Epically Noted #4 – From Failure to Darling?

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Dear Like a High School Crush,

Let’s just truncate that to Darling shall we?

Okay, so I see where this is going and in large part I agree. Why go around and around when action would make all of this talk mean something right?

I don’t think I would have done the self-assessment that I have if it were not for you. I mean, it sucks to hear the blatant truth of your reality and to know that you are telling the truth as you know it. Perhaps I have been inconsiderate of what your reality entails because I have been so busy trying to see how my side looks and how I feel like I was not in the wrong just because I did not want to see what I was doing in that light.

That was selfish of me. If I were you and our places had been…

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