Epic Notes: You Don’t Like Epic Failure Huh?

1 Year Anniversary REPLAY: Epically Noted #3 – You don’t Like Epic Failure Huh?

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troy apple

Dear Darling Indifferent,

(So you didn’t say it had to be an improvement from Epic Failure, just different.)

I got your letter. I was a lot of things in response to that. Maybe what you will take away is how multi faceted a person’s array of emotions can be. I thought about you, in general awe. You were honest and in spite of how horrible the truth was, you were brave enough to just say it. That is something. I respect that.

What I also got out of it was that even though you didn’t mean for me to feel the way that I do, you outright admitted that you were guilty of the very thing you didn’t mean to do. You did toy with me. Then you want to say that you’re sorry I felt toyed with. That’s asenine. What else was I supposed to feel? Do you think you’re…

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