Episode 5 – Part 3: Stay a While…


I have to admit… I thought love would be grand. I though living with Gwen again would make my life easier and more bearable. I killed a lot of people in the name of being a Greek God that waged war with everyone because I was angry. I took out my wrath on the human race, vampires, demons, everyone because I was angry with myself and my own failures. I was cast out of heaven for disobedience and flaunting the rarity of redemption given to angels to make a wrong right.

God is a forgiving God. He is love and therefore loving by nature. People have the misconception that He is only benevolent with humans while he is course and callous towards his angels whom he first created. This is not so. Just because we were not created in His image to be His children does not mean that God did not care for us or empathize with our own short comings.

I mean, obviously we have free will too. Just like the humans. Lucifer did not fall from grace because the Almighty wished it to be so. It is was Lu (and the angels that followed him down) who made the decision to revolt against the Almighty. God cast them out for treason so they would not have the opportunity to continually poison the rest of our minds. And yet, Lucifer is before the throne daily to accuse God’s precious children in an effort to convince the Great Father of how little humans are worth.

The truth is, Lucifer resents that humankind was ever made and that they were ever given the kind of authority that they possess. He is jealous that they have the authority he always felt he should have been given and is desperate to destroy as many of them as he can due to his covetous jealousy.

You don’t threaten a man’s family and remain under the same roof. So, God kicked Lucifer out, knowing that hatred had consumed him and that amends would never be made. There would only be the Judgment.

Hatred was whispered into Lucifer’s ear by none other than the Met Dorton, who too was resentful for being entrapped in a dark pocket of space. His ambitious pride caused the fall of Jupiter. The Earth was never the only planet with life in the galaxy, or at least it was not meant to be. Once Jupiter fell, God started over again on Earth. But, to protect the earthlings from the same fate that Jupiter had suffered, he made them his actual children. You see, children have a right to what no one else does by virtue of the fact that they are indeed your children. Even if you don’t like each other, believe in one another, or get along, nothing can break the bond that blood provides.

So few understand the protection afforded to the Earth because of this. So few. The Jupites were made in another part of the universe and were brought to Jupiter as an envoy. They were to help the human race extend among the stars and populate the galaxies with God’s children. As long as a child of God inhabits a world, then that entire planet is protected.

But, without the Jupites able to teach the human race the intricate ways of speedy space travel, wormholes, dark matter, dark particles that can bend space and time and allow the far reaches of the universe to be within reach… only in recent centuries have the humans figured out that such things exist and are possible. But, the technology is so far out of human reach without the help of Helios. And now I’ve evacuated what’s left of the colony on Jupiter thus further condemning other worlds to destruction by the Met Dorton’s “friends” since no child of God has been able to travel far enough off world to be of any protection to the other planets.

I’m not kidding when I say that I have cost millions upon millions their lives. My anger was directed inward instead of being made useful. I feel so ashamed. The only good thing I have ever done was love Gwen and now I have trapped her on a world light years, shoot, light centuries away from her home and her children.

Selfish. Not because she is stranded here for the time being but because I finally feel a small sense of relief, of success, of triumph. I finally brought a child of the Most High God to another world that can finally be protected just because she is on it.

Will she be mad?

Gwen never had any idea about all of this. Some of it, but I was never very good about telling the whole truth.

*      *      *

“What the hell are we doing to do? We can’t stay here forever. We have our own problems on our own planet. I can’t stay here. You brought me out here now take me back.” Gwen said, in full freak out mode once she realized where we were.

“So this is a human?” came the booming voice of the King of Yonder Helios.

“What?” she asked wondering why they were shouting.

“The atmosphere here changes their voices. It’s like listening to a mermaid sing out of water on Jupiter and in water here. This is what they really sound like.” I whispered to her.

On Helios, the Jupites sound like loud chiming glasses mixed in with a xylophone.

“Great.” She said to herself. “What were you expecting? A giant?” she replied to the king.

“Well sort of. Your world is off limits to the deepest darkness that penetrates even the Holiest of Grounds elsewhere. I admit, I did think you would be a bit taller.” He said melodically chuckling.

“Your Highness, I hate to ask, but how exactly would I get home from here?” Gwen inquired.

“Ready to leave already? We have so much to share with you before the end of your civilization. You will spread through the cosmos before the end of time and the original plan for the children of God to inhabit the worlds.” the king continued.

“I see.” Gwen said, intrigued but disappointed.

“Look at it this way. You get to see what had been waiting for everyone since the beginning of time. You may even get a glimpse of what is to come after the Judgment.” I encouraged her. I wanted to brighten her mood, and not piss off royalty from another planet.

“I’m a little overwhelmed. Do you think I’d be able to understand technology like this? I’m old and rely on my powers for most things. I’m not an email, texting, kind of girl. I can get to the person almost as fast as I can send a message. And astrophysics is not my strong point.” Gwen said.

“It’s not as difficult as you humans make things out to be. You see, your world has tried to figure these things out aside from God. Science away from faith. Here we combine them. So, the powers you speak of and the science you question won’t be very difficult to master. Spiritual energy is the key to everything here.” The king said smiling.

While he was talking, several portals of light opened around us. The portals seemed to move closer and engulf the masses of people who had made the exodus from Jupiter.

“Where are they going?” I asked suddenly worried for the people I so desperately wanted to atone for.

“Home. They are going to the lands they originated from to see what became of their bloodlines. They will return to the lands of their ancestors. Not everyone from Helios originated from here.” The king answered.

“How will the portal know where to send them all?” Gwen asked.

“Spiritual energy is like a personal imprint, a fingerprint like with the humans. Where your treasure is, your heart will be also. These Jardons pick up on that treasure and send each person to where their heart points to. This is how you will get home. But, stay for just a while.” The king asked.

Gwen and I looked at each other. I had a mixed feeling about this. What if we get held prisoner here for the sake of protecting this world from the Met Dorton? And where is my sister?