That Little Brat


Dear Elle,

I’m angry with my crush right now. He’s been super smiley and sweet and then out of the blue treats me like crap. I’m moving on but feel like a little bitch baby for doing so instead of giving him a piece of my mind. What do you think of this?

Dear Brat,

I find myself very confused and alarmed by how I’m feeling about you today. I know that I wanted you and wanted to see you and now I feel like all of that backfired on me because I did see you. You saw me too. And proceeded to completely ignore me. I mean I might as well not have even existed to the extent that you ignored me.

Now I don’t want to be a little bitch baby every time you act badly. And too I did get to see you and hear your adorable little laugh and be in the same room with you. But, come on. Don’t be a jerk.


I swear I could strangle him sometimes. This is what an arranged marriage gets me. He loves me then totally loves me not. This is the guy my dad picked out for me. Granted he is a dreamboat and he is everything I said I wanted… except he doesn’t acknowledge me half the time.

If he’s in love with someone else then he could just say that you know. It’s not like I haven’t tried to win him over and he just makes me feel stupid for trying.

I just want to call the whole thing off and find someone myself. But, that would be a colossal insult to my dad for going above and beyond and finding someone who is exactly what I said I wanted.

What should I do Elle? I owe you a drink okay!



P.S. Sorry I wrote you here instead of on Bravely Said, but I needed express mail. Thanks.


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