Episode 6 – Part 2: Catching Up…



(Back to Elle and Ryan)

Dear Elle,

I find myself in a sad state today. The sun shines like it always does yet the world seems a little dimmer to me. I know it cannot be my eyesight because one of the supposed perks of being a vampire is that you cannot blame your flaws on old age. Well, you can, but not in the traditional sense.

I grow tired of this life. Not being alive, but the lifestyle I’m living. So I changed it. I sold my house, my car, and donated most of my wardrobe to charity. I’ve gone to live on a boat and a small but private island where I can do what I’ve really been wanting to do for so long.

I might be going against the grid on this one. Primus may or may not have something to say to me at the end of the day about what I’m planning to do. But, demons are more pawns than allies so I’m not actually betraying an ally right?

Ok so, I’m going to become an immortal hunter.

I think that Paul should have his chance. It’s so hard to find love when you’re immortal. I don’t know how humans do it with so little time. But, I think it’s time to stop sitting around and doing nothing when I see what’s happening.

Elle, they are going to start opening portals. There will be demons invited up from the pit and the earth may be overrun. Not that it isn’t now, but these will have actual bodies this time… dead ones…. I heard that Romanov is having a carnie army built at Aiden’s castle in Transylvania using the bodies of fallen soldiers. There is a war in the deserts of Africa near the Holy Land supplying the lifeless bodies. And the war clan is being lead by a blood demon who has a shelf life of 9 years before he will be forced to go back below.

I’m going to cut the head off of the snake and take over so I can sabotage their efforts. Even if I can’t take over I’m still going to stop the needless bloodshed. It’ll be fun. Just like with Arthur. Conquering what we can. I’m still a maiden on the Vampirial Guard.

I wasn’t given that post for nothing. I felt it was a title rather owed to me since I was bitten as an act of revenge on Arthur. Guinevere lives on as Verie and I can’t wait to start my hunt.

I wanted to warn you just in case you hadn’t heard about what Maribel was building there. Word has it (and don’t tell anybody this or I’m dead) that she is cloning the girl that Paul is after. I don’t know why but it doesn’t sound right. Maybe they want to strike a deal with him. Kill the original and give him the clone so Primus doesn’t die?

I don’t know. But, listen. I also heard that Marty went AWOL after they used Silver Banshee venom on her and that Alistor got a hold of Anna’s ex-husband. I hear he’s gorgeous. I hope Alistor doesn’t kill him. I’d love to see such a good looking immortal up close.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Since I’m going off on an adventure I’m going to seek out the immortals too. No harm in having my curiosity satisfied. Observation only then I’m not technically breaking any rules right?

Anyway. I hope this letter finds you in better spirits than usual. I know that Ryan has been gone a long time, but you only get one shot at life and you are missing it. Ryan will be reunited with you in death and will be seriously pissed at you if you spent all of the time he gave you when he sacrificed himself to wallow in sorrow. I’m pissed so I know he would be too.

Until I see a smile on your face again I’m still calling you Blue Elle.

So, don’t worry about me and let me know you’re alright out there. Why haven’t you been home I’ve been calling. Are you in Spain again? Did you decide to go see Paul yourself? Did you finally get a boyfriend? Did you die and I missed it?

I know I kind of went my own way when my brother died, and that you’ve been lonely over the years. I think I buried myself in the act of living and you shut yourself away. We mourned Ryan differently. But, I’d hate to think that just because he’s gone you don’t feel like you’re still my sister in law.

Come with me Elle. It will be one hell of a hunt. You’re a great shot. I’ve got that gun you always liked and the honeymoon blood bullets you told me about.

Drop a line sometime… before next week since I’ll be on a boat and you’ll be forced to use the digital world’s vices like the EMAIL account I set up for you like a decade ago. They don’t just disappear you know… Ok, I think the Netscape account did when the company went under, that the other one is still fine.

Or get a cell phone. Pretty please? I’ll pay for it or entrance someone for one. Please?

Miss your face!


That was a great letter my sister in law wrote me the day after I had to leave my house with Belle. I grabbed the letter when we swung by with Marty but I never did write her back to let her know that Ryan is alive, now that I’ve rescued him out of Hell. I had help, an archangel is great help for stuff like that.

Nor, have I mentioned that I know Marty escaped because I drove with her and her boyfriend to the immortal city of Zion Grove in the Smoky Mountains.

And I should probably mention Ryan and I were at Aiden’s castle and got a close look at the carnies (possessed bodies of dead people) which I doubt honeyblood bullets will work on.

Also, there was that lovely conversation I had with Paul in person in Australia before rescuing Ryan and I actually did get to meet Anna’s ex-husband Linus (who is a beautiful man, conflicted, but hot) right before we were attacked by Silver Banshees.

And she thinks I live a sheltered life. I think I made up for my decade of not using email. And I still don’t want a cell phone. The spy phone in the watch maybe, but not the little box that goes in my purse. It just doesn’t seem right to need to talk to someone while I’m in the bathroom or put on a worldwide board what I had for lunch. Besides which, Grenhelda was supposed to have taken over my body and Primus may have people watching the online world so they could see that I’m still at large somewhere. He still doesn’t know that Belle was implanted and not me.

“Ryan, what would you suppose this password recovery business on this electrical box you gave me is? I have to send an email.” I asked Ryan.

“Darling your guess is as good as mine. Let’s ask Deacon.” Ryan said while eating a sandwich.

Retreating to the Jade Gates was a good idea. I have time to catch up with all of my correspondence now. I have a feeling that my little vacation will be short lived because if this carnie thing gets serious, I’m sure Raphael will send us to help deal with the situation.


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