Epic Notes: Time to Cowboy Up

 future 2

(Back to Bryan and Jared.)

There is no way this will end badly. I keep telling myself that. There is no way this will end up badly. It can’t right? We have an angel and a Nephilim and my brother the dragon on our side so what can go wrong?

Oh right, the contest that got destroyed because Amelia and Raphael flooded the cavern with Holy water killing most of the contestants. This is good right? Less vampires to have to battle. Only now eveyone is on the hunt for who killed their bosses, who might have survived, and restructring who is in control of what territory.

So the grand plan as of this morning is for Jared and I to take over all of the human farming activities in North and Eastern Asia. Right… what could go wrong besides having to fend off what will amount to 5,000 vampire recruits of the vanquished leaders not to mention the starving vampires who will start feeding on the general population when their food supply abruptly ends.

I didn’t sign up for this. I was supposed to do two things, two simple little things. Deliver the amulet to the Siren in two days and that was a week ago, and then go to the Tibet Fort set up by Romanov to pick up my kidnapped mother. Simple right? More simple than taking over the roughest cutthroats in the business. Don’t mess with the blood. That has always been an unspoken rule. Don’t mess with the blood supply.

And what the hell am I supposed to do with all of the people trapped in farming camps when I do manage to take over? Mandate. Hello! They know vampires exist. They’ve seen too much. Primus would order that they either all be killed or continue to be farmed.

How did this happen?

“How are we supposed to pull this off again?” Jared asked me as we sat on a cliff overlooking a ridge with a beautiful river winding along the bottom. It looked like a scene from a movie.

“What, you don’t have any ideas?” I retorted tired and rueful.

“Sure, but you’d just call me a cowboy.” He said laughing.

“Alright, I’m curious.” I admitted.

“Seriously. Cowboy stuff. Couldn’t we just go in and assassinate the vampire clans with Holy Water and Oil? Water balloons filled with the stuff and squirt guns. I mean, it doesn’t effect us and it’s still deadly to the undead so why not?” Jared said like a kid about to go on a play date.

“That’s one way to go. But, then what about the blood demons?” I asked. “I don’t like the idea of being dismembered and eaten alive.”

“Dude, we have an actual angel on our side. I think we should try it. We need to pick a base of operations and start a king of the hill game where we branch out and conquer from there. We could have this whole thing wrapped up in a few months. Then we could…” Jared continued then stopped mid sentence.

“Oh, yes. Do tell. It’s not like we can just go home after this. Say we succeed. Then what? What about Lily and the rest of the people in our social circle that we’d like to see again? I can’t say I want to manage 13 Disctrict camps of human farms for the rest of forever. And what happens when the population there explodes? Can we even erase their memories like Dr. Jones?” I babbled on.

“Look. It’s this or Primus. Pick one.” Jared said blankly.

“This obviously. Am I wrong to be concerned?” I said feeling like maybe he was a little too eager to rush to our deaths.

“No. But, I think after all we have survived so far, God wouldn’t just let us die some horrible death. Maybe there really is a plan.” Jared told me.

Yeah, there’s a plan alright.

“I never really stopped to think about what kind of life I wanted. I just went along with the flow you know. Okay, Bryan, you’re a vampire now, you have a job in a vampire industry. A cool spy intel kind of job. You won’t die, you won’t age, you won’t escape the curse of the undead on your family and your brother is a dragon and your mother is in the vampire mafia. But, you have your own life and it’s a modern age with modern fun filled things… and then what?” I said. 

“I hear you. I had a family and a kid and a messed up situation, but I was alive and had chances that got traded in for immortality. I didn’t ask for this life. I mean who would I have ever known that I could call and say ‘Hey I’d like to be a vampire.’ It just happened and now we are trying to make the best of it.” Jared said.

“We need to figure out what we want to be when we grow up.” I said.

“How does cowboy sound?” Jared asked chuckling.

“I’m being serious. It’s like we traded one boss for another and are now going with the flow for another man.” I said.

“I know, but I feel better working for an angel. Like although I’m condemned as a vampire there is still hope for my soul. I’ve just tried not to think about my soul and what happens after until now. Hell is not the plan I’d have gone with.” Jared told me.

“I know what you mean. Just this sort of dreaded expectation. But, seriously. We do this and win and then what? What about Lily? What about a family of our own with wives and a house in the suburbs? How boring does that sound?” I said sighing.

“How about you help set up new camps in your new territory for the refugees? Vampires who are going to return to human will need a place to go. Primus knows people will make an exodus for Petra and will stop them at any cost. Vampires need a plan B.” Raphael said as he materialized and sat next to Jared and I on the edge of the cliff overlooking the river.

“Hmm. I could do that.” I said thinking.

“Good. Your first assignment is to be a cowboy like Jared said. You have to retake the territory just below us. That entire revine is controlled by Nothjammers. You will need to kill the leader and his men by use of Holy objects, free the enslaved humans and start looking for a safe haven for them. They will have to re-enter the world as your spies to tell vampires where to go for safety. There are 200 men down there that need to be eliminated. We have until sundown tomorrow.” Raphael said standing.

“When you say 200 men you mean.…” Jared began.

“Well, undead men. Yes.” Raphael replied.

“Where do we start?” I said, content with my new life for now. I need to get word to the girl I left behind. She may still be waiting for me. I think what I really want is to become a better person first so that I am ready for love. I’m not yet and I know that after my recent run in with Geniveive that I’m no where near ready for a relationship now.

“We need to find Bryan a girlfriend Raphael. Any ideas?” Jared said jokingly.

“”Yes actually. But, she’s in Transylvania at the moment.” Raphael replied and dematerialized as Jared and I walked back towards the Jade Gates.

I looked at Jared embarrassed.

“I didn’t think he’d have a real answer.” Is all he could offer.

“I don’t want to think about it right now. I can only imagine who he has in mind for me.” I said flatly.

Distantly I saw the glimmer of silver wings. The banshees were scouting the area. Not helpful. SO not helpful.


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