Episode 6: Part 3 – Cryptic Message

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Dear Elle,

You don’t know me, but I work with Paul… sort of. He, as you know, has been living the life of a monk in one of our monasteries over the years and although I do not quite know the nature of his condition he seems afflicted with a curse of youth. I mean he has not aged a day in the ten years that I’ve known him and constantly carries an unspeakable guilt.

Paul is a nice man who keeps to himself, is ever ready to be of assistance, and always has a kind word for his brethren. He is a fine monk and a shining example of what the purification of the heart can do to bring peace.

But, he seems burdened. As someone who does not seem to age he has what I would consider an unnatural fear of time running out. He has spoken often about needing more time to figure out the truth of being human and the necessities required to save his soul. This of course is philosophical in nature, especially for us based on the lifestyle that we live. We stay in constant harmony with God and nature to discover such things. Paul, however, seems to have a completely different context about it.

Please excuse the ramblings of an old man. This is the reason I came to write you today.

Paul instructed me to tell you that in the event that he left home with a woman, thus forsaking his vows as a man of the cloth to marry and fulfill his destiny (which I have had no choice but to make an exception for as he may have been a monk for more than a century and allowances must be made in light of a prophesy he all but refuses to tell me about, but God obviously has spoken to him), where was I? Yes, instructed to write to you and advise you that your plan to distract the Sanctum was most helpful.

He asked that I tell you and I quote, “Dear friend. The end of our struggle is near. If you are able to meet in the desert of Petra, please do so as quickly as you can manage. I do not know of a safer place and we must protect each other as any family would. Your friend, Paul.”

So, Elle, I hope that this very cryptic message makes sense to you. Paul has advised me to transfer to Rome immediately. He left about three weeks ago with a beautiful young lady who he seems to be madly in love with. They loaded her little green beetle of a car and drove off.

I hope you both find the peace that God has for you. May grace be with you.


Father Dmetri


Hmm, Petra huh?

“Ryan, remember how we left Marty in the Smoky Mountains? Paul asked one of his monk friends to write me just before he ran off with Lorena. I wish we had the chance to see him before Dominic interrupted us. I would have loved to travel with them.” I told Ryan.

“I know. He was a good friend to you. He must have been if you were willing to go to the Sanctum to try and help him out. I think it’s only fair that you were rewarded with a chance to come and bust me out of a broom closet in Hell.” Ryan said as he stood behind me and kissed my shoulder.

“Yeah. He’s a special guy. It takes guts to do what he’s doing. I always admired him for that. What vampire lives in a Christian monastery and doesn’t get busted?” I laughed.

“I wish I had met him. But, alas, we have another function in the grand scheme of things. Raphael finally has a mission for us. Are you ready?” Ryan continued.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I told him.

As we walked out of the room I looked back wondering how long it would be before we would have a chance to return here. I like feeling safe again and like when I close my eyes and rest in Ryan’s arms we won’t be killed at a moment’s notice.

In the Grand Hall the purple tornado of light descended. Raphael does know how to make an entrance.

He spoke to about ten other people before coming over to us.

“So, how are you adjusting to life with the Neph’s?” Raphael asked teasingly.

“Angels over demons win any day.” Ryan said laughing.

“I have a special set of assignments for you two. I know you prefer to work as a team, but some of this has to be done individually.” He told us.

We looked at each other then nodded in agreement.

“Good. Ryan I need you to go to Asia and help Amelia bring two new friends home. While you’re off doing that, I need you to return to Transylvania Elle.” Raphael told us.



And then you said...

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