SEASON TWO ON REPLAY>> Episode 1 – Part 1: Confused Lust


SEASON TWO ON REPLAY>> Episode 1 – Part 1: Confused Lust

Alright here goes…

Sometimes I do this thing. When I know I’m alone and that no one is watching. I even catch myself smiling. Troy never appreciated it so much because he always felt foolish when I would ask him to join me. I half ballet half modern sort of my own version of hip hop dance. And it could be to any kind of music. Right now I have The Nutcracker stuck in my head. And even though I am surrounded by a bunch of steaming fresh from hell skeletons, no one knows that my little dancing skills get fiery these days.

I bowed and curtsied like a ballerina and secretly thanked my mom in my head for putting up with endless lessons when I was little. Then I lit my fingertips and danced my unbeating heart out. I grabbed the skeleton soldiers and completely incinerated them and did this little belly dance seductive number I saw on television once as I made my way to the demon winged monk.

I grabbed him by the throat and threatened to kiss him in order to make him swallow the fire ball building on the tip of my tongue. He looked surprised.

“Where is the girl I came here with?” I asked as I began to slowly burn his left wing.

“I’ll see you in hell.” he replied.

I kissed him and choked him with my flames. I watched as he turned to ash in front of me and locked his eyes on mine, full of hate.

“Yeah, eventually you will.” I told him.

I went back to the room with the million pillows and sort of made a kimono out of a silken sheet. I was grateful that as a vampire I wasn’t cold in the snow with only a sheet on. I began to search the rooms. There was nothing. Every other little building was completely empty. Did Genevieve and Linus leave?

Where are the other monks and how in the world did we get this place confused with the nice monastery with the non-demon monks? You would think having a demon implanted in me would give me some sort of radar or something… Right?

*          *          *


I loved a girl for the very first time. I would have done anything for her. I would have moved mountains, drank the Nile dry one cup at a time, and found a way to turn lead into gold if it meant having her hand. She led me on. She very merrily led me on all the while planning on taking my life. Every day she spent letting me make a fool of myself she picked a different person to kill instead and thought she was doing me a kind and loving favor by giving me one more day with her.

Months went by. I was ready to leave my family and go anywhere she needed me to and marry her. I know now that I was in love with her beauty. I had not known what true love was before I met Anna and the memory of Genevieve only reminds me of how shameful I felt when I woke up after being murdered by her.

I have the immortal gene passed down from my mother and spent just enough time with Genevieve for it to be triggered. So when she literally thrust her hand into my stomach and actually pulled a fist full of my guts out, it hurt like hell, but I woke up later still alive.

The problem was, I still felt that pain. But it was my heart breaking. I felt like a heavy pressure was sitting on my chest and a sharp knife was cutting slivers of my heart that were so thin they were transparent. After years of feeling that way I finally decided to just be alone.

I looked for Genevieve, wanting revenge. I had never loved anyone before and she had no right to ruin even the thought of being warm and kind to another woman for me. I hunted for her ruthlessly because I couldn’t die anyway and I knew I would survive anything she had to throw at me.

And now she’s here. Neimus forced Anna to divorce me and decreed that immortals cannot marry each other because Anna refused him and chose me instead. He has sent me on every suicide mission possible since then and I have made it my business to survive specifically just to piss him off. But, here I am now. Divorced and sitting with the first woman I ever loved lying in bed next to me… Hoping she will wake up and be that beautiful dream of first love I remember having so long ago.

She’s breathing evenly. Genevieve looks so angelic when she is sleeping. Was it a demon that took over her body and made her look so horrible on the road? I took her hand in mine and as I examined the fragility of it I remembered how this very hand looked covered in dark red blood holding my intestines.

I shrank back dropping her hand. I looked at her lips which I used to long to caress with my own and only remembered a sort of crooked smile as she licked the hand that was covered in my blood and practically purred like a kitten at how good it tasted to kill me. That was the last thing I remembered seeing before I blacked out from my injuries.

I sprang up and left the room. I had to catch my breath and clear my head and halfway hoped when I walked back in she would be the demon again, levitating or crawling on the ceiling. It’s easier to take that way. A demon ready to be killed rather than having to actually consider the feelings she’s stirred up. What would Anna think?

Am I a wimp? I searched for her all of those years ready to kill her and there she is unconscious right now. Would I be a coward if I went in and plunged a knife in her heart and claimed to finally be even? Where’s the honor in that? I expected a fight and she fainted.

I mean it’s not like we could date or anything right now anyway. She has a demon inside of her. And even if she didn’t, she’s still the vampire that tried to kill me. There’s no future. That’s not even good enough for a one night stand just to be able to say that I had finally conquered the woman who had my heart, destroyed as it was, for all of those years. I want vindication right now and all I can do is say that I carried her and let her sleep.

I peeked in on her. Still asleep. Damn. It would be so much easier if she was a floating demon right now. I stomped off down the hall and did the only thing I could do. I fished out my cell phone, hoped for reception in the middle of nowhere and called my best friend.

“Do you know what time it is here Linus?” she answered annoyed.

“What you don’t miss me?” I asked playfully and completely happy to hear the sound of her voice.

“Of course I miss you. It’s just…” she began.

“I know, you must be tired of only being able to hear the sound of my voice and not see me.” I said.

“There is no happy medium. It hurts to be away from you and I miss you, but somehow not hearing from you makes your absence more tolerable. Like I’m not clinging to the sound of your voice trying to have hope that shouldn’t be there. But still grateful for your calls nonetheless.” Anna said sounding so sad and pitiful. I wanted to go to her and wrap my arms around her.

This is what love looks like. Anguish to not be with me, not licking my blood off of your fingertips or contemplating a one night stand for the sake of conquest.

“Guess who’s in the bedroom right now.” I began, eager to tell her that I finally captured Genevieve after all of these years.


Did she just hang up on me? I hit redial. Maybe it’s just bad reception.

“Did you just hang up on me?” I asked.

“You pompous ass! Did you seriously call me in the middle of the night to ask if I missed you just to tell me who you’re sleeping with instead of me tonight?” Anna yelled at me. I kind of miss her yelling. Her face turns red and her nose flares a little. It’s completely adorable and I’m missing it because I’m here.

“I am not drunk dialing you I swear.” I tried to explain.

“Oh, so you’re sober and called to torture me on purpose?” she said angrily.


Damn. How did this go so wrong? I called her again… absolutely sure I was going to get her answering machine because I probably either made her cry or she’s bound and determined to go to whatever bar is open so she can one up me and take a photo with some stranger just to send it to me with “In your face! See how you like it!” attached to the picture.

Her machine picked up. “Okay so, that didn’t come out right. I’m calling from the Himalayas to tell you that I caught Genevieve and that’s who is in the next room.” There I said it. I hung up. Crap, that made it sound even worse.

I called again. “That’s not to say that I’m doing anything with her because she’s my first love and all. She fainted and I put her in the bedroom because there was nowhere else here to keep her and I left because I didn’t know if killing her in her sleep was such a good idea because I wanted a fight to the death. And so I called you… my best friend… and because I missed you. But, it wasn’t her that made me miss you. I just did. Feeling weird about her made me remember how much I appreciate that you are not her and ready to rip my guts out.” There, that’s better all cleared up.

I sighed and called again. “You’re not ready to rip my guts out right? Don’t go to a bar. There’s nothing to pay me back for this time. Look I’m sorry for drunk dialing you the other week. I didn’t realize that when I called to whine about missing you and told you I was drowning my sorrows by drinking a beer while on a double date at a fair was such a horrible thing to say until you told me how badly that made you feel. That sucked. You were right and I’m sorry.”

“Well now. It seems you do know where she is after all Linus.” came a voice behind me.

I turned around still hoping for the demon I could kill easily. Unfortunately, she hadn’t aged a day and was wearing an amazing red dress. Then her gaze trapped me and I don’t recall exactly what happened but when I came to I knew I had done something else I was going to have to apologize for.