SEASON 2 ON REPLAY: Episode 2 – Part 2: Stalker


Episode 2 – Part 2: Stalker

Linus and I carefully searched for the rest of his men, healing them along the way. He was very particular about not letting me near the purple goo though he knew I was curious.

“It has Holy oil in it.” he said as he gingerly spread the last of it over the last man we could find.

“Oh.” I grumbled before I screamed like a banshee one last time. My voice was hoarse now and my body sort of sore.

I looked around. There was an eerieness in the air and I suddenly felt very afraid. I had this sinking sensation that letting Grenhelda out would be detrimental to me in the long run. Like I’d be trapped again and unable to assume control if I wanted to.

That wasn’t right though. I felt guilty because what if I lied to Linus and here he is trusting me. But, the air went cold. It was a toasty warm just a moment ago. Linus propped the last man up and looked around. Our eyes met and although we decided against an audible conversation, he felt it too. Something was in here.

There were no shadows on the walls of demons dancing. But, there was a barely discernible mist that stood about six feet tall and held a definite space. I looked at it perplexed as fear grew stronger and stronger within me. Fear seemed to pour out of the mist, then small sparks began to fly as tiny wafts of black smoke came off of the misty space in the room.

The sparks continued on and as Linus and I stared at it all the more I began to take notice of the small voice I had locked away in a desperate effort to retain control. Grenhelda was screaming at the top of her lungs just behind my eyes. I paused to test myself and see if giving in just a little would give her control, but she seemed to shrink away from wanting to take the reins and just wanted me to listen to her.

“Genevieve!” Grenhelda whispered.

Genevieve had been dismembered so why was she a threat now? I thought about it more and more as I looked at the mist which seemed to slowly wander closer and closer to us one inch at a time. But, I remembered.

Just before we left the Flatliner Sanctum I was eavesdropping on Grenhelda talking to Vive about how she came to be on a team with me. Disembodied. She had a demon that was disembodied inside of her comatose flatliner body.

So the mist…

“Linus it’s Genevieve’s demon!” I shouted at him.

As though he could save me. She was standing at the doorway and we were trapped in this room. She inched closer and closer towards me because she wanted the only thing a demon like that could. That’s why Grenhelda was afraid. Genevieve must be stronger than Grenhelda and coming for me so she’d have a body again.

Linus stretched out his hands still wet with the purple stuff. “I plead the blood of Jesus over all three of us.”

I couldn’t react. I felt myself falling looking straight ahead as the mist continued coming for me. My hair seemed to turn brown again, it hadn’t been anything but red for a while now. I saw flames coming out of my finger tips but knew I hadn’t lit myself up in any way. I hit the ground and before unconsciousness found me I saw Linus running towards me.

Dear God. Not another demon possession.

*          *          *

bright idea

I had no idea that blessing Belle would expel Grenhelda like that. She flew out of her immediately through flames coming from her fingertips and shot straight through the demon that had come out of Genevieve. I ran to Belle trying to help her move out of the way so the mist couldn’t take over her body.

But, then I remembered that I still had Holy oil infused resonance sludge on my hands from healing Deacon. Anything Holy will turn Belle to ash. So I just stood in front of her holding my hands out and hoping the demon would back off. It stopped in its tracks.

“I command you to return to hell in the name of Jesus.” I told the mist.

It caught completely on fire and seemed to rain down into a puddle of water that turned bright orange like lava and sank into the floor. The chill in the air cleared and the heart pounding anxiety immediately lifted.

I found a shirt lying around the room and tried to cover my hands with it so I could help her up. Belle was completely unconscious. Once I set her on the bed, I looked around again feeling uneasy and like someone else was watching.

Looking around I didn’t see anything until a mirror caught my eye. So that’s where Grenhelda went. It was a dinner plate sized mirror used for shaving right above the face bowl. There she was. Flaming red hair, silver eyes, and scowling at me. She shoved her hand through the mirror until about half of her arm stuck out and flipped me off.

“Hmm, I know just what to do with you.” I said and she pulled her arm back into the mirror and looked me squarely in the eye.

After I told her about the idea I had explained to Belle she smiled at me… completely toothless… with bloody gums and blackened blood dripping out of the sides of her mouth. Suddenly the idea of flatliner shark like teeth was more appealing.

Deacon carried a still unconscious Belle up to the surface after two other men surveyed the area to be sure the demon monks were not waiting in ambush for us upstairs. Once the all clear was sounded and the pieces of Genevieve’s body were placed on the bed in the room with Grenhelda, the mirror she was trapped in was left by Vive’s body on the bed. We left Genevieve looking like a puzzle that had been put back together.

I hurried to leave the cavern. I wanted us to be far away from this place by the time she actually completed the possession. A hand extended up out of the mirror which laid flat next to Vive’s hand. I watched unable to look away as Grenhelda’s hand grabbed onto Genevieve’s arm, then inched its way up her arm dragging the mirror to her face.

She flipped the mirror so that the glass was smushed on Genevieve’s face and shooting flames seemed to pour from the mirror as her face sank in. The bed caught on fire and sparks flew all over the room.

I ran for it so that as the fire spread I wouldn’t be burned alive. We were out of purple sludge and if I did get burned I’d be out of luck for a while. The flames seemed to stop about halfway down the hallway. By the time I made it to the now cold pool Belle had made to thaw me out of hypothermia I was a safe distance from the fire. I heard something drop here and there.

But, it seemed like a better idea to leave rather than wait to see if the thumps were flame riddled objects falling from the walls or dull footsteps of a reassembled possessed vampire. If Genevieve remembered anything it would probably be that I had abandoned her here. If Grenhelda let her take over she would surely try to kill me out of reflex.

We mounted the horses and rode away. Everything on the surface was still except for the demon monk who seemed to take flight off in the distance. I don’t know where else we can go from here except for back to base camp. And I can only hope that the monk had given up.

That would be too easy though. They hadn’t laid a trap for us for these girls to interfere. If they were in cahoots then Belle wouldn’t have had to fight them off. The trap was set and then abandoned. Why? Who’s trap was it and for what?

It’s times like these I really wish I could call Anna. But, my cell phone is busted and I’m sure she’s still fuming and ready to rip me a new one and understandably so. No matter what I could say I accomplished so far the only thing she was going to hear is that once I had control of my body again I had kissed Genevieve on purpose.

The whole thing about it being a ploy to subdue her wouldn’t matter and the more I think about it, I could have just poured the Holy water on her once I’d pinned her down. I did kiss her.

And that is just enough rope to hang myself.