SEASON 2 ON REPLAY: Episode 3 – Part 2: Anti-Venom

fiery eyes

SEASON 2 ON REPLAY: Episode 3 – Part 2: Anti-Venom

Aidan had not been seen in years. There was no reason to think that he was a part of this plan. He did frequent remote places and pose as an innocent in order to make the most out of his games. Primus told him impaling was out and making himself known to the world as a vampire was no longer tolerable.

So, the myth of vampires slowly died out as Aidan in obedience was appointed to be the regional manager of Europe so to speak. I think I remember rumors of Primus showing him his own angelic powers in such a way that would have reminded Aidan that he really wasn’t more powerful than Primus and that submission to his will was really the better idea. Something about a dog thrown out of hell, possessed and infused with an anti-venom that would not only take Aidan’s powers away but also turn him into something else.

Something even more unnatural than a vampire. Anti-venom of course became all the rage for us. As immortals we figured that since we couldn’t get close enough to persuade them through human means that returning to human beings was the thing to do, then we might as well make sure that they aren’t out there continuing to kill people.

The demonic dog had escaped you see, and as it had been implanted with a demon that in its true form was more humanoid it slowly began a progression of transforming it’s dogged body into a more workably human one. Thus the werewolf stories.

They are in and of themselves bound to the same kind of rules that flatliners are because Holy objects would be detrimental to them as well. We’re not sure how widely the anti-venom was spread. We only know that not everything that was bitten became wolf like.

They multiplied like bunnies until for about six months and then just disappeared. I mean they literally went poof in the night. Which is unheard of. But, there had also been reports that the dogs had bitten humans. The animals that were infused with the anti-venom became their own sort of legends. All the anti-venom really did was turn an innocent animal’s body into a habitable vessel for wandering evil spirits to take over.

But the humans… That I think is where the bat stories came from. Vampires turning into bats. Really big ones.

The demon monk I saw diving from the cliff in flight reminded me of exactly that. But, if you know anything about bats you know one thing… How often do you see just one right before a thousand fly out of the same cave?

A scout?

* * *

“I think we’re headed for trouble.” I told Deacon.

“I think we started off in trouble.” Deacon said laughing.

“How is she?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. I don’t have much if any experience with flatliners so I don’t even know what to check for.” he answered sighing.

“Well, the demon monk flew down that way so I’m willing to bet that either a group of them will attack from that high point there where it was perched on or from down below where it dove into.” I said pensively as I stopped my horse and listened.

I felt danger all around us. The monastery is their territory but at least it would provide some cover. However, there is the little matter of Grenhelda roaming around in Genevieve’s body.

I heard the horses breathing, the wind blowing and a distinct set of footsteps. Maybe one two or three people at best. I turned my horse around and went to the back end of our company to protect them if need be. Was it a demon monk leading the attack? Well my guess on what direction was wrong. Maybe they migrated from deeper in the caves and are running from Grenhelda.

Two people ran in streaks of color and stopped as though they had slammed into a wall right in front of me. Hmm, more vampires. What suddenly turned the Himalayas into an undead hotspot?

“Hi.” the female said. She was pretty and reminded me of Anna somehow. Anna who I’m sure is still pissed off at me somewhere.

“And you are?” I asked perplexed.

“I’m Ryan and this beautiful vampire is my most beloved wife Elle. We have come to help you. We saw you, well, Elle saw her and so we came to help. They are friends.” Ryan happily explained.

“You seem awfully happy to just jump in there pal.” I said lightly.

“Well, I’m happy to be here with my wife. Anything she wants. But really, there is a hoard of demon monks right at the end of that chasm, just where the bend in the road is. Gabriel said we should help.” Ryan continued.

“Gabriel the…” I said and pointed up to the sky.

“Yes.” they both said.

“Well alright.” I said squaring my shoulders. Either good help is hard to find or God has a good sense of humor. At least these two are not trying to kill me like the last two flatliners were. “So, do you have a plan?” I asked.

“Well, I have an idea.” Elle said as she hurriedly fumbled for what looked like Holy oil. I was shocked.

“Hey, aren’t you like allergic to that kind of stuff… to say the least?” I asked not wanting a vampire sacrifice, as though that would stop the demons… well maybe. They are demons. Who knows how that stuff works. But, naw, Gabriel wouldn’t tell them to do some voodoo looking stuff let alone involve Holy oil in the picture.

“Paul blessed me and I blessed him so it’s safe.” Elle explained as she lathered her hands up with the Holy oil using every last drop of it and knelt with her hands dripping wet into the snow. “I bless the snow, I bless the road, I bless the mountain, I bless the air, I bless the wind, I bless the light in the name of Jesus. Now show yourself approved and powerful.” Elle said all in one breath.

Down the road, I guess the demon monks got antsy. They started running towards us. I wondered how powerful a vampire’s blessing was supposed to be. But, then again God is no respector of persons. He’d make it work for anyone.

Looking around the sky darkened and thousands of them started closing in around us. Only a few of them had the monk’s robes on. The rest were as I suspected. The bat-like anti-venom stricken people. Who were they working for? They seemed like a band of controllable animals more so than masterminds.

They converged and couldn’t seem to close in on us closer than about 10 feet away. It was like a dome or something was around us. Or a force field, like in the movies. The dome seemed to be punching at them because they didn’t rebound off of it like birds flying into a window. It was like there was something kicking and punching at them that we could not see.

I dismounted my horse in awe and knowing that Anna would kill me for what I was about to do next. But, she’s not here and I’ve got to see this. I walked over and pressed my hand against the boundary of the force field. It felt like a warm mist that was infused with an instant peaceful happiness. I knew God had to have made this.

I couldn’t stop there though. I pressed my face against the boundary. I’m not sure how long I stood there like that. It was like a peaceful daze and then there were flashes of images just behind my eyelids. I saw Alistor, the horrible shape shifter. I saw a movie theater with nothing playing on the screen and no one in it but me and Anna, but even as eerie as that was I was just so happy to be sitting there next to her. Then I saw her holding a tuning fork crying, and I knew what I had to do to get her back.

I pulled my face out and had another idea. “Hey Elle. Can you bless Belle so we can use this force field to revive her?”

“Sure.” Elle said hesitantly.

“She’d want you to. She won’t be mad. In fact she switched sides and left Grenhelda behind a while ago.” I encouraged her.

Elle bit her lip and as I returned my face to the warm mist that was fighting for us I heard Elle praying over her. I continued to press my face through. I heard growling and snarling. I was practically close enough to kiss the bat that was face to face with me, blinking and unmoving. Then I saw a strong brightly lit hand wrapped around its throat that flung in down the side of the cliff.

We were surrounded. There were no less than three rows of angels forming a line around us. They were the shield. It was like a medieval war going on. The clang of the swords that seemed to glow with pure sunlight, the sound of squealing injured demons. Deep voices singing to the Lord and whispering “You are safe.”

I rebounded at the sheer awesomeness of it and was back inside of our shield just shaking my head amazed at what I had seen.

“Well?” Deacon asked patting me in the back while walking past me to help Belle to her feet.

“That girl can bless anything and everything for me from now on!” I shouted pointing to Elle.

Ryan stood there looking proud to be her husband. Elle blushed slightly as she tried to hold a blanket up so Belle could change into some decent clothing and out of the blanket she’d been in.

Belle hugged and thanked Elle for helping her and they had the fastest girl gossip talk I had ever seen. Flatliners can talk so fast it sounds like they are just humming and inside of two minutes they must have brought each other up to speed. Ryan participated in the conversation minimally and stood there looking concerned.

Deacon just watched her. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and observed her every minute movement. I thought maybe he was just distrustful until I saw him smiling.

Great, my second in command just fell in love with a vampire. Belle is pretty though. I can’t say that I blame him… Not that I’d mention that to Anna right now. She might take it the wrong way.


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