Invitation to Blast Off!


If you got an invite… Blast Off with us here!

Earlier this year something amazing happened. I got what I had been wanting. It’s always amazing when that happens right? It didn’t hit me right away. It was like “Checkmark, that finally got done.” But, that was because I was still in shock.

Jumping up and down came right about NOW! It’s official. Daybreak: Twilight’s Rival is moving from author driven efforts to an actual publishing house and will be blasting off on December 23,2015.

‘Twas two nights before Christmas and all through the house, a young author excitedly danced and jumped for joy as her book finally came out.

CALLING ALL READERS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Whether you’re a Member, Frequent house guest, or  new friend, let the excitement spread from me to you and add a like to my FaceBook feed at:

More updates are coming soon. I will keep you posted!


Do a Happy Dance with me!



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