Launch Day!

Daybreak Jun 01

(For secret surprise read the first sentence of this update).

First off, if you buy the book this week my publisher will feature YOUR NAME in an updated version of the book. Just saying AWESOME!

More important details are headed your way. Thank yourself now for tuning in because all members and fans of Flatlinerbooks are getting a Launch Day discount (that is so exclusive you will make everyone else wish they had signed up sooner) on the launch of Daybreak: Flatlined.

You guys are the best and I want you to feel the appreciation oozing from my heart and not your wallet.

Thank you for being your amazing selves and keeping up with us here.

So, onto the details before you miss your flight home or burn the dinner rolls:

Believe it or not YOU are part of an AVALANCHE! Here’s how it works – Buy the book at EXACTLY 2pm today as Amazon’s attention getter. Once they catch on, Daybreak will begin popping up in bookstores and ultimately THE BIG SCREEN.

It all starts with you getting your Fan/Member DISCOUNT TODAY at 2 pm.

Thank you for joining HISTORY and clicking Buy Now at 2 pm today.

So here is your mission. On my Official Author blog ( there is an epic countdown timer. When that countdown timer reaches 00:00:00 go to the links provided on my blog and get the book.

IF you want to you can get the book right now if you really really really want it (we are all little rebels here I get it). But I beg you to wait until the timer reaches 00:00:00. You can do it! If I can wait to raid the gifts under the tree you can do it!

Then you can get the book! If you don’t have an amazon account then you can make one super quick.

And then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a review. Even if you don’t get the book (especially if you don’t get the book) then you can leave a review. Tell Amazon how much you love the story.

Heck if you DON’T like the book then feel free to leave a nasty review. (I will still love you… though I might not be able to defend you from my army of ninja’s, hehe).

Even if you don’t have an amazon account you can go through a friend’s amazon account and review it that way. Those reviews will guarantee the epicness of this book (spread the love).

P.S. As I said above, my publisher has even promised to put your name in the book as thank you when you leave a review as long as you do it this week. 🙂 OOOhhh… I love this. 🙂 I get to show how amazing you are 🙂 In other-words if you buy the book and leave a review on it by the end of the week. Then my publisher will update the book and put YOUR name in the updated version!

So…. Now for some shameless begging. Please go buy (When the countdown timer hits 00:00:00) AND leave a review. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!

P.S. Did you follow me on Amazon yet? I’d love it if you did! Here’s the link:



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