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By Amazon Customer on January 26, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

I haven’t made it to the end yet, and unless it is horrible, this will stay a 5 star rating. Here we have demons, angels, humans and vampires. We have one very scared sixteen year old girl, Lorena. She has stumbled into a world that she no concept of, and it has put her life and the lives of everyone she cares about at great risk. Paul is currently a vampire. His goal, to become human and by doing so, end all vampires. That is not a simple task, and soon Lorena is on a ride that keeps the pages turning long into the night.

I really liked this new author. I enjoyed her creative take on the existence of vampires. From reading her write-ups and this book, I like her sense of humor as well. I thoroughly enjoyed certain parts, such as this one; “Fear is faith in death. Fear is faith that God won’t be there. You cannot afford to let fear rob you now.”

I look forward to finishing this book, and would have done so first if I hadn’t had to have my review up in time.
My copy came from Story Cartel in exchange for my honest review, and nothing more.

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