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Grace remorse

Episode 5 – Part 2: Giants…

“By part angel you mean…?” Belle began.

I could see the wheels in her head turning. Yes Belle. Those angels. In the prophecy, Primus was the first vampire because he took venom from the devil. But, the only reason he could even talk to the devil was because he had been wrongfully dragged into hell. Why? The Nephilim.

Fallen angels took human wives, procreated, and their children were the giants like Goliath that David fought against. Most of them had been lost in the flood of Noah’s Ark, only a trace of their bloodline remained and lived on through one of Noah’s daughter in laws. But, they kept it all in the family. One clan of giants that were a force to be reckoned with.

The Watchers. That’s what they were called after that. The Watchers not the Nephilim. And they stayed as much of a secret as we did. Until Primus had the grand idea to first embrace them, then kill them all. Among them are an angelic few who live in excess of eight hundred years.

Since flatliners don’t know exactly how immortality works, he figured that the prophesized woman who’d be his undoing would be born through them. So, a great feast in honor of our union of people was thrown at the Southern Palace. And it burned to the ground after Primus unleashed… something.

We were never told what, and were instructed not to ask. But, whatever it was decimated everyone that was there. They have vampiric strength, some have our speed, many have what we have to deal with demons to get in gifts. They can teleport, hover, start fire, command water. Some can even control the wind. And they are alive.

How have we not known that for all of this time that they were still out there? They certainly live up to their names as Watchers don’t they?

“The angels that started the whole mess leading us here in life? Yes, those ones. But, no one here is more than a quarter angel and even that much angelic blood in any one person is rare. I’m not a giant as you can see.” the girl explained.

“What’s your name?” Ryan asked her. I was still trying to take it all in.

“Amelia.” Deacon answered. “And she was our guide. However, we were not headed towards to their city.”

“Where were you headed anyway?” I asked.

“Elle, I honestly don’t know. Linus said that we had to get to an Oracle in Nepal and we wound up traveling, with a guide, to one of the Elders who was visiting from Egypt. He said to go to the monastery on the mountain peak we were on. But, it had been destroyed. We tracked the footsteps trying to find survivors and were on the road Belle and Genevieve found us on. I still don’t know why we were going to see the Oracle.” Deacon told us as we continued on towards the gates.

They were beautiful, jade inlaid with silver and gold. But, there was an inscription in what looked like angelic symbols.

“What does that mean?” Belle asked. She seemed excited and slightly afraid.

“It says that Raphael is our parole officer more or less. God isn’t going to destroy us, but doesn’t want us out there abusing our powers either. So, we are under Raphael’s domain. He tells us what God would have us do and he told Beth to send me to Nepal and stay put until a man who could not die called for me.” Amelia said as she walked up to the gate and crossed herself, “The Lord is my Sheppard I shall not want.”

The gate sank into the ground and we walked across it. As soon as we had passed the threshold I looked behind me and there the gate stood, as though it had never moved at all.

“Demons can’t survive here. So, it’s a very good thing you were already cleansed Belle.” Amelia said smiling.

“Linus. That’s who found you isn’t it?” Ryan asked smirking.

“Deacon actually.” Amelia said playfully.

“How?” Belle asked him.

“I’m very anti-cliché. I stopped and asked her for directions. We were lost and I had no intention of freezing in the Himalayas only to find out that we were supposed to go three houses over. She seemed friendly enough. Then she asked how old I was and when I wouldn’t answer her she gave me a scroll.” Deacon told us.

“What did the scroll say?” I asked.

“Maybe that’s why we were headed to the Oracle. No one could read it. Not even her.” Deacon said laughing.

We were still on a mountain pass. Nothing had changed beyond the gate so far. But, I could hear the soft noises of a city. They had what could only be described as a high tech version of Petra.

“How does this NOT show up on Google Maps?” Belle asked amazed.

“Like I said. We’re under angelic supervision. We’re cloaked and from above, the satellites see a snow covered mountaintop. Nothing more.” Amelia recounted.

You know that feeling you get when you’re about to jump off of a cliff or something? That exciting kind of fear? These people are giants. I don’t mean Jack and the Beanstalk giants, I mean like twelve feet tall and built. Amelia must be the runt.

And they all stopped and looked at us. What a strange feeling. This must be what humans feel like with a flatliner staring them down.

An invisible dinner bell just rang… I feel it.

*             *             *

I don’t know if numbness is a good thing. Let’s go with no. Probably not a good sign. Maybe it’s because I’m still asleep… or trying to wake up rather.

I feel wet. Like I’m lying in a pool of my own blood or something. I tried to move around a little and found that I was in a large body of liquid. But, everything around me was still and silent. Opening my eyes I saw a familiar scene. Had I dreamt the whole thing with the angels and the bats on the mountain pass up? I was exactly where I started.

Sitting up I felt the pull and strain of my muscles working against the gaping hole in my stomach. I was healing. I could tell. The impalement was more of a flesh wound in my stomach and back now. Still a few inches deep, but not a hole all the way through anymore.

I was in the pool Belle made earlier. It was colder here without her and Grenhelda’s fire. I was just grateful Genevieve didn’t put me face down. That would have given us away. The only way to kill an immortal is to drown one. We have regenerative capabilities and can re-grow just about anything. But nothing can take the place of actual air. One hour max. That’s our limit.

The pool Belle had made was a light pink now, from blood that drained out of me no doubt. I decided to go for a little dog paddle around the pool and really try to cleanse my wounds. The last thing I need now is an infection.

Still nothing. Absolute silence. It was as comforting as it was unnerving. As I swam and half heartedly floated I assessed the rest of my body. I didn’t feel like there were any broken bones or gaping cuts. Maybe she really didn’t harm me and just left me here… like I left her. ‘Heal thyself Genevieve, back at you Linus.’

I groggily went down the hallway to see what was left after the fire. Surprisingly, only the room I’d left her in and the two rooms on either side had been damaged. Further down, in what was supposed to be the dining hall it was dry and warm. Not a soul in sight. Just the same I felt uneasy. I couldn’t quite imagine being left entirely alone here. And even if I was, how was I going to get to my friends with the bats circling the area and the mountain pass damaged?

I’d have no choice but to go back the way we came… Alone. I hope my phone’s working. It’s going to be a long walk and I really want to talk to Anna. If i could just listen to the sound of her voice, even if it’s just the answering machine I’d be happy.

I’m whipped. Why did I ever leave her? I could be in her arms right now if I wasn’t so greedy. But, no. Who wanted to see the world and got stuck with demons in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains with an arrow shot through his stomach because he just couldn’t wait to leave his loving wife and go play Indiana Jones? This idiot right here.

If I don’t find some clothes and shoes I’ll probably lose a toe. But, just the same I should stick it out here until daylight. It’ll be easier to see the bats.


Music for this episode – Your Love (Keeps Me Alive) by Skillet