Season 2 on Replay>>: Episode 6 – Part 2: Negotiations


Episode 6 – Part 2: Negotiations

Negotiation with the giants could have gone more smoothly. They wanted a lot of simple things… that were indirectly their way of getting what Raphael had said no to. They wanted information. Part of being a Watcher is to watch and not be in the mix of things. The problem being that they are their very own culture and community, alone in the mountains, they have a lot of questions about what’s going on in the world.

It’s not that they are not allowed to leave, it’s more like they still want revenge on Primus for decimating them as a people and any little bit of information we could give them would fuel the fire. There are a lot of them out in the world living side by side with humans, but God in his infinite mercy puts them around immortals and vampires are forbidden to interact with immortals. So, they don’t get much opportunity to wage war.

But, there is a faction that has every intention of disobeying this rule. They want a fight before the last trumpet sounds. Word has it that the official start of the apocalypse is within the next year. Primus promised all Flatliners free reign when it starts, a Reign of Blood.

Immortals were told to go to Petra when the time comes and help vampires turn back to humanity so that they too can avoid hell’s eternal fire. But, when would the Watchers ever get their chance? It’s not like Primus ever mentioned attacking Petra. In fact I bet he doesn’t even know that they’ve been instructed to go there.

*             *             *

“Deacon, what are you saying then?” Belle asked him as she motioned towards the giant standing in front of us.

His name was Jared and he reminded me of a supersized version of the chosen one from a movie about computers taking over and using us as batteries. I wished I could take a picture. I think Ryan saw me slightly start struck and just rolled his eyes at me.

Deacon was, of course, star struck by Belle. I will have to nudge her in his direction. From what she told me, I think he’d be a much better choice than Belen, only because he seems to genuinely have affection for her and not just a settled sort of longing. I don’t know, but how she talks about Belen… he has a Troy sort of feel to him.

Deacon sighed and tried not to blush. She looked at me perplexed while I mouthed at her to be nice to him. “I’d like to speak to Raphael if at all possible.”

Jared looked at him feeling slightly disrespected.

“Not to disrespect you, or try to gain an audience with him just because… But, I just want to make sure that while we are your guests we do not unknowingly infringe upon any rules he may have put in place and get any of you in trouble. Have you heard of that saying, ‘When in Rome do what the Romans do’? I don’t want to bring in anything that would pollute what you’ve built with him.” Deacon answered quite eloquently.

Belle looked impressed.

“Well, when you put it like that…” Jared began. “He’s descending upon us tonight. I’m sure he’d like to make sure you stay in line with our way of life as well, for we do not know how long you will be here as guests.”

“Thank you. Again, we only want to show the utmost respect to you and your people for taking us in. It was not our intention to impose on you. We were seeking the Oracle in this area and were attacked by anti-venom bats along the road. The monastery was a trap and the one before it burned to the ground. Have any survivors come to your city?” Deacon continued.

“None but you.” Jared told him.

“Their quarters are ready.” Amelia said smiling as she sauntered into the room.

“How is she so small?” Ryan whispered to me.

Amelia giggled. “We are not all large in stature. How could we be and blend in?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…” Ryan started and was cut off.

“No worries.” She said and beckoned us to follow her.

Our party was split into three groups. Deacon and two of his men, the other three immortals of their party, and us… the vampires. I wondered if they knew. None of us had fed recently so our fangs were not grown out, a lot anyway.

This place is amazing. Our quarters looked like a plush hotel room hewn out of a cavern deep in a mountain. The Watchers are living in style. Once we got comfortable in our room, washed up, and changed into clean clothing I decided to go ahead and bring up the subject of Deacon.

“Do you like him?” I asked Belle.

“Elle, you are prying.” She responded as she tried not to blush and drank orange juice.

“I know. I’m basically your big sister now. So, answer the question.” I said stuffing pineapple in my mouth. They must use volcanic soil or something. I’ve never tasted fruit this good.

“I don’t know. I’m confused. I mean, here I am supposedly Belen’s girlfriend, after being reunited and separated from Troy again, now there’s this handsome, burly, amazing immortal who’s drooling over me. I know I’m drooling back a little. But, I don’t want to be a hypocrite. What if Belen really does love me? I don’t want to do to him what Troy did to me you know.” Belle explained with pain in her eyes.

“Nobody’s saying you have to walk down the aisle tomorrow girl. It’s okay to like him if you do. You have to figure out which love is true and pure and then choose. You can’t do that if you’re shutting him out.” I continued as I tried the apples. Amazing. I wondered if they’d give me some seeds for my garden at home.

“Do you think that’s what Troy did? Like he put me and whoever else side by side and I lost because my love wasn’t good enough for him?” Belle asked as she stuffed her mouth using the fruit as comfort food.

“No, if that was the case then he would never have gone back for you. Why bother if your love wasn’t good enough? That was all him you know. Refusing to live without you if he didn’t have to. Knowing he had this last mission then wanting to run away with you. That doesn’t sound like someone who lost anything but time.” I continued. I could slap myself for defending him. But, I wanted to make her feel better.

“Yeah I guess.” She resolved as she laid down letting it all sink in.

I know what she felt. Like no one would ever truly love her and no matter how much or how well she loved someone, she’d always be rejected. That feeling will subside one day and she will have to choose between no less than two suitors who are crazy about her. I’m voting for Deacon. At least he’s not above wanting her to be human and not on the path to hell. And too, she won’t outlive him if it takes a while to become human again.

There was a knock at the door… the bathroom door. Ryan had gone in for his turn to use the shower and was checking to see if it was finally safe to leave. I love how he’s so observant and has such good manners.

“You can come in now Babe. Thanks for letting us have our girl talk.” I called out to him.

He joined us and ate. The three of us laid there on the plush rug, full of fruit, craving meat, or at least a measly glass of good blood when we heard footsteps approaching from down the hall. We didn’t stir, but listened.

Did they figure out what we really were?

“They aren’t human.” I heard a woman’s voice say.

“Neither are we.” A man’s voice replied.

“Yeah but…” the woman continued.

“We are of angelic blood. We don’t taste good to them anyway.” The man continued.

The three of us giggled as quietly as we could. I guess they found out somehow.

“Do you think Deacon told them?” Belle whispered.

“The Watcher girl was there for the whole thing. I don’t think he had to.” Ryan answered softly.

“Do you think they’ll kick us out?” Belle continued.

“Not if Deacon has anything to say about it.” I chimed in.

“Well… Knock on the door.” The man’s voice said.

There was a timid knock on our door.

I tried not to laugh as I answered, “Who is it?” and failed miserably.

“Why are they laughing?” the woman said to her friend.

He laughed a little to try and spook her since she was so nervous. “Maybe they think I brought their dinner.”

She must have looked around for a tray or a sack or something before it dawned on her that he was referring to her. There was a loud smack followed by her calling him a jerk. I think once she gets comfortable around us we may have found a new friend.

I like her spunk. She totally just slapped a giant.