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Episode 7 – Part 1: Descended

Apparently their idea of a handshake is just to stick your hand out.

“Romanov and his ruthless wenches sent us on a merry hunt now didn’t he?” the leading bat spoke. “Find the immortals and bring them to the demon monk. We were told that immortal blood could make us look more human. Able to blend in. Able to even out the playing field. But, no. The demon monk was not able to withstand one vampire girl. You will take us to the woman who defeated him.”

“Immortal blood will do no such thing. It has been tested and tried many times before on other creatures. We hold no such power. And too, the woman was inhabited by a demon that was transferred to another vampire. She is with Primus now.” I explained.

Hey, maybe if I’m worthless they will just let me leave.

“Still, the demon monk is no longer available and now that we have successfully captured an immortal I think this could be used to our advantage.” the bat continued pensively.

“How so?” I asked, taking a seat on the top of the trolley.

“Primus also wanted you. Perhaps a trade in exchange for the woman I want. She could prove useful.” he explained.

“She destroyed all of your injured. She defeated the demon monk. What makes you think she will just stroll in here and do anything you ask?” I replied, amused.

“Why not if Primus orders her to?” he said snarling.

“Look. I’m not willing to cooperate.” I said rising.

“Just because you are wearing Holy Oil does not mean that you are foolproof. We can get to you.” he menacingly sauntered closer to me.

My mind began to fill with the fear and pain his last victim felt as she died. I saw through her eyes his teeth sinking into my skin. I felt my intestines ripped out as they had been before when Genevieve attacked me. I sank to the ground frozen in this image until he released me.

It was going to be a long night.

*             *             *

The woman finally got up the courage to open the door, by which time the three of us had jumped to our feet and wandered towards her. She was a normal sized medium build mocha complexioned woman with a sweet smile and a hint of mischief in her eyes.

“Sorry. I’m Gwen. We were informed about your…situation.” Gwen told us.

“Is being a vampire a situation now?” Belle asked chuckling lightly. “It certainly was for me when I got flatlined.”

“I bet it was. Amelia told us all about the demons and the angelic shield. Raphael did that. He protects our borders. I’m sorry to hear about your friend Linus. We will do what we can to recover him.” Gwen continued.

“A plan is being formulated.” the man said. He was about seven feet tall and thin as a bean pole. Don’t they feed the boy?

Yes. I eat quite well. Thank you for your concern Elle.

Hmm. You read minds then?

No. I hear minds. I can’t pick your memory for information you don’t want to share.

Oh. What can Gwen do?

She can cloud.

And that means… what?

Gwen has the gift of teleportation. Much like Primus only she has not been corrupted as he has.

I see.

“Please join us in the main hall. Raphael is descending.” Gwen insisted and motioned for us to follow them.

Ryan looked at me alarmed. The boy must have spoken to him mind to mind as well. Belle started blushing and walked out first.

“He did not.” Belle said embarrassed as she passed by him.

“Rick, you were not supposed to…” Gwen trailed off probably finishing her sentence in thought only. He stood there blushing slightly and followed after her.

As we joined about a hundred other people, I saw that the hall they had hewn out of rock was so large that even with giants, it felt like we were all terribly small.

A light, like a star that got trapped just underneath the ceiling seemed to fall slowly to the ground and as it did the light from it grew. It was almost like a tornado, a windless tornado of light that just stood there towering over us. As the light began to focus and the blurriness cleared, a man that stood just shy of 80 or so feet tall looked down upon us and sighed.

As he shifted his weight he seemed to shrink rapidly until he stood no taller than Ryan’s 6 foot 2. His glimmering silver armor fell away and he walked around wearing a black dress shirt and jeans. He looked like a Spanish soap opera actor. Very handsome. Very articulate, beautiful accent. I have no idea what he was saying though.

He’s praying in angelic tongue, praising God for his goodness and asking what message to convey. Rick explained.


“Is there a man named Deacon among us?” Raphael asked.

Deacon immediately stepped forward. He looked like he wasn’t sure if he should bow or not. Raphael pointed a finger at him and laughed.

“You? See, I like this. A man who has read the word. You know better than to bow because I too am a servant. Ask me what you will.” the words smoothly rolled off of Raphael’s accented tongue.

“What can I tell your people?” Deacon began.

“Nothing, next question.” Raphael said amused. “They have yet a fire kindled in their hearts against the vampires. A fire that should not be stirred. Guard your mind. They are not all obedient and they will try to trick you… like children trying to trick candy out of their father once the mother has said no. You are wise to ask me this. You could unknowingly incite a feud that would cost them protection that they need, given the circumstances.” Raphael continued.

I lowered my eyes. I wonder if he meant because we were here.

“Elle my dear. You have nothing to fear. I only meant that there is a time and a place for everything and right now… Gwen my dear where are you and thank you for coming so fast. I have an errand for you to run. Rick hear my thoughts and share them with her if you please.” Raphael said.

I looked up at him still confused. Would vampires being here make them want to attack us and start a war or…

“Elle, Belle, Ryan, come forward.” Raphael said. We paused to look at each other. “Come, come, come you’ve seen each other look at me please.” he continued playfully.

“Belle, I personally am very impressed. Not just anybody could have done what you have done and conquered the evil inside as the result of a broken heart. I bless you with serenity right now. Lay hold of it and relax yourself into the love that God has for you for it is right to think that God would have a better existence than killing people for food.

“Elle, what can I say girl? You are very resourceful and very courageous indeed. I have been asked to grant you a special dispensation of wisdom. Receive it well my child. You’re thoughts will be the difference between life and death for many. The wisdom that you choose to receive today will save countless vampires from hell before this is all over. You saw what it was like, hell. Your words will hold sway be the difference between vampires choosing that or life instead. Do not lose your tenacity no matter where you find yourself.

“Ryan, to hell and back huh? Jesus was willing to go on your behalf and it is deeply respected that you would be so willing to face those fires to save your wife. It is because of this that I grant you the blessing of might. You will be mighty in battle, you will be mighty in skill. Your defense for the sake of love will be a dome of protection one day.

“Now, to the three of you. I am not kicking you out but I want you to go and cause trouble for the devil. The apocalypse is near. The girl Paul spoke of is indeed the prophesized one. You will be working with my generals here to help usher in a new age in preparation for the end. Stay in peace, in wisdom, and in the strength and might of the Lord for that is where you draw your strength in these blessings.” Raphael enraptured us with his words.

The feeling of wisdom is not feeling smart but being able to understand something without an explanation, and not only that, but out of your understanding give an explanation to others. My tongue is tied, but my mind is not.

I have the overwhelming sense that somehow we are going to wind up over the ocean and in Petra. I have a feeling that the old rulers will return and that some of them are at large even now.

“But, Linus…” I whispered to myself almost.

“That’s the errand I sent Gwen on.” he said kindly. Raphael went on to speak to the other ninety five or so people in the room individually. It seemed almost as though he were arming them with knowledge and endowing gifts to get whatever the job was done. Something is about to begin. Something big.

Why else would God send an archangel to bless three vampires in the middle of a place that no human even knows exists? I hope Linus is okay and not freezing out there somewhere.