How to gain vampires and influence people.


If being a vampire means sucking the life out of someone then you know someone like that. In fact, you have somebody’s face pictured in your mind right now. Even if that person doesn’t have fangs and blood dripping down their chin, the first step is being able to spot a vampire, a life sucking person who you may need to bait, tame, and influence people with.

In Season One –  Belle unknowingly gained a vampire who took everything she had by doing one thing. He broke her heart, left her for another woman, and divorced her. Although he ran away with his “best friend” and swore it was true love he discovered that it was just a fun fling and could not go home. That is, until Primus gave him a mission to seduce Lorena and a death threat should he fail. Troy went crawling back to Belle, kidnapped her, bit her, and caused such a mental breakdown that Belle was left wide open for the dark spirit Primus implanted in her that split her personality and made her a new Vampire Council member.

In Daybreak: Flatlined –  Linus, on the other hand, merely left his wife Anna to escape the house arrest that was placed on her. He too left with “a friend” but wound up galavanting around the world until he got homesick and was too ashamed to go home. Was Linus a literal vampire like Troy was? No, but he sucked the life out of Anna and left her in desolate solitude until she received orders to go and heal Linus after he had been attacked by Alistor (a half vampire half Nephilim who is also a shape shifter).

And what have we learned from these two in order to influence people ourselves? Don’t be jerks who leave our homes, spouses, and family to go on a fling? You know, a surprising number of people still don’t realize that doing that is extremely stupid most of the time and that the grass was never greener, because it was fake grass anyway. Nope.

Let me tell you what we learned.

One, once you spot a vampire, get rid of it promptly. This is to test the vampire’s resolve to stay or go and whether they start to treat you like prey or someone they actually value. If you’re just a snack attack for their vain habits then good riddance. You will have influenced people you haven’t even thought of yet because you no longer have that life sucker in the way blocking your efforts and energy to get somewhere in life. If they do want to turn over a new leaf, it’s best to tame the vampire.

In which case, step two is the bait and tame step. Let’s say your vampire got back into your good graces, got comfortable, and went back to their evil life sucking ways. Call them on it at every turn because that person is not used to treating you like a person, they are used to treating you like their possession to treat however they want to. It sounds endearing “You’re my girl” but really it puts you in a subhuman level of “You are you and I don’t have to treat you as well as I treat everyone else.”

For example, Vampire #2 in my life was a well thought of person who was very polite to everyone. To me, he would say the rudest hurtful things like he was talking about the weather, I would call him on it, and he would somehow turn it around on me so that I would feel guilty for making him feel so bad about being such a jerk. Don’t fall for this tactic. If he wants to stay put he needs to act right. If he can’t then it’s okay for him to kick himself out by saying he just can’t do it. You lost being a person to him and were someone to feed off of when he needed emotional support or companionship and nothing more.

Step three is really easy. If your vampire turns things around they will start to catch their own bad behavior and self-correct it. Give them credit for their efforts but don’t back down. Otherwise, if your vampire is gone, you get to weigh something in the balance that you were sure you already knew the answer to, but got a nice surprise at the end of the day.

The deal you made with yourself was this: If it hurts more to stay than go, then I will go.

Now that your vampire is gone you will find that it hurts way less for them to be gone than it would have for them to have stayed. In fact, you might feel like an idiot a little bit because distinct opportunities you had to leave sooner and spare yourself some of their painful antics will spring to mind and you will realize that you could have been a happier less tortured and fed upon person a whole lot sooner.

-Vampire Girl XOXO


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