Epic Notes: How the Siren got Lilli


“Let’s make this quick.” I told Sadire.

“What’s the big hurry? I mean, your time is long from up. You have a fixed rate of decay with the Siren.” he retorted.

“I’ve been undead for a long time so in the face of nearly 300 years your little 5 five year contract is short notice to me.” I snarled at him.

“No one twisted your arm into making a deal. You are the desperate one here.” he growled.

“I don’t have all day. Do you have the serum or not?” I asked as I held my hand out impatiently.

“As promised.” he said and slapped a test tube filled with dark green goo into the palm of my hand.

He was right, no one forced me into this. In fact, I feel like I’m making a mistake. I want this life to be over and yet I don’t want to turn into a fish.

The Siren is a water demon that resides in the Pacific Ocean. She often assumes the form of a megalodon shark and has offered various prizes for making a deal with her over the centuries. All of which end in you becoming like her, or as least like her offspring. A person enveloped by scales and dissolved away into the sea. If you wish to avoid this then at the end of your contract you have to avoid water at all costs because she will come for you and you will slowly become a large scaly mermaidish type fish that slowly melts into water itself.

Why did I seek her out? Because I want to go out with a bang? Because I lost both Jared and Bryan and now having a successful human venture before I go is what I want? I guess that’s a good enough reason. When really, I’m hoping Jared will hear about this and come to save me. I hear he works for Rafael now and an angel might have mercy on me and send him to help me.

A dangerous game I know. But, why continue to live for another two centuries and be alone? I drank the algae tasting goo and felt and immediate surge of knowledge. In three short months I had built a coffee cafe with a mermaid as its logo that spread like wildfire throughout the country. I was a brand. I was rich, I was running out of time.

Four years and six months went by faster than usual. Then it began to happen. All across my torso, scales appeared. Metallic shimmers like a tropical fish all along my stomach. It spread to my thighs and every time I ran a bath I could see the Siren. As the water on the bathtub settled and sloshed, her eye, just one open eye, would appear on the bottom of the tub.

“You’re waiting. I know.” I said each time I stepped in.

The scales had to be watered you see. Otherwise the flesh beneath them would tear from dehydration leaving me soaked in my own blood. Which smelled horrible as I am undead. Rotten meat is a stench that clashes with any perfume.

The days ticked on and as winter descended so did more scales. At least I could wear long sleeves and pants to cover what I was becoming. I sent word to everyone in the vampiri network that I was on my way to becoming another Siren victim in hopes of both saying my final goodbyes should Jared not come for me, but also as my way of getting word to Jared as I know no one in the angelic circles he now travels in.

Just in case he does come and is too late. By too late I mean I’m mostly a fish and cannot explain anything, I wrote him a letter which lives on the dresser in my bedroom.

I sleep in the bathtub now. I have 3 days left. My hands and feet are webbed. I have gill slits on my chest. Wearing clothing is painful and terribly dry. I stopped eating and now soak up all of the water I need. My phone remains charged and sitting by the tub. I hope he calls to say goodbye.

Well, as to my letter:

Dear Jared,

I hope you are with Bryan and are safe. Tell him he was a good friend to me. But, you were the last love of my life. I wish we could have had more time together. This deal with the Siren is my last attempt to get your attention and pull you out of hiding. I want you by my side again, even if it is only for a moment before I disintegrate into a bubbly froth in my own bathroom. Don’t blame yourself, this is my doing. I miss you. I realize now that I could have gone about this another way.

I found the monastery in Tibet and the Silver Banshees. I barely escaped. When I awoke from my beheading I found that the usual 50 years had not passed. Only 50 days. I was upset that you hadn’t come to see me. But, with barely two months passed I figured you hadn’t made it back yet.

The I heard you had been in the Rumble Feast in Asia and basically shut down the human farming sites therefore being inducted into an archangel’s service. How noble. But, that made it extremely difficult to find you. No one knows where you are or how to get an angel’s help. Primus wanted to use me as bait to get you to walk into a trap for execution. But, before he could get to me I had gone to the Siren. It has taken him nearly 20 years to track Paul down so he felt that the measly  five years he would have to use me as bait was not long enough.

I hope you don’t forget me. I hope you don’t let losing me as you did your human wife torment you like her loss did. I hope that when and if you find me in such a disgusting state you don’t turn around and throw up.

I wish I could tell you I love you and kiss you one more time. That will be what I dream of as I drift off. Only be very careful if you do attempt to save me. If you see the eye of the Siren and touch the water she will instantly transport you to her lair and eat you alive. In which case I insist that you leave me to my fate. If the water is black, say a prayer for me and walk away.

Love always,