Possessed Badies (Season 4 – Episode 7-Pt 1)


I really hate going to Transylvania. It’s dangerous in ways no one really thinks about. I mean sure, there are the myths and the folklore, but underneath the surface of it all there is a lot of truth to why it is as scary as it sounds.

For all intents and purposes, Dracula’s castle has been turned into a sort of Frankenstein Laboratory for vampires to experiment on humans, newly turned vampires, and various arts of vampire slaying for the executors to keep our kind in line with Primus’ point of view in life.

You don’t want to be a target. You don’t want to be an experiment. You don’t want to get sent there for any reason unless you have Clot 5 Clearance and are a researcher who is just a sadistic prick waiting to stick it to whoever really hurt you.

And so… Raphael wants me to go there. Maybe it’s a face your fears sort of thing. Not likely, but just the same. I mean why should this bother me after storming the California Sanctum and going into Hell to get my husband out of a prison there? I’m brave. Right?

On the train into town I thought about all of my combat training and how many years I spent quietly hiding away in my house being the world’s best pen pal so that I wouldn’t get sent to places like this. But, so much more is at stake now than just my life. So much more is at risk if I fail.

“They will unleash the hungry.” Is all that Raphael said to me. “Get there before they are fed.” He added.

And then what? The hungry? That could mean any number of things in this place. Believe it or not, vampires are not the worst things walking around in the shadows cordially smiling at their meals from afar. There are some of us who have grown so far out of touch that humans are literally looked upon like cattle with no remorse for the loss of life or the brutality of the murder.

Then there are those of us, like with the humans, who protest for human rights and how we should kill humanely instead of ripping a person to shreds just to hear them scream. I have always sided with VETA (Vicious Eaters Turned Aware) so as to take the feelings of my prey into account and not make them suffer any more than they need to. But, my kind are old, cruel, and especially eager to end a life for amusement. Here is where they congregate.

The town was more modern than I expected. In fact, the salt mine of Salina Turda has been turned into an amusement park where people go to see the vast caverns, breathe the salty air for their health, and enjoy the general splendor. The last time I was here was during a dig. We mined the salt as a cover, but what Primus was really looking for was a knife that had been used during his battle with the fallen angels that had gotten him dragged into Hell.

The Most High bestowed the knife upon him and when he used it his health was restored as well as the full compliment of his powers. It was said that he needed the knife to recover from the effects Hell had on him. He needs it now because the girl prophesized as his demise has been confirmed as enacting the prophesy within the next two hundred years at the time. He was off by a few centuries, but we mined that salt as though our lives depended on Primus’ survival not knowing that real freedom meant having him out of the picture.

The knife in question was never found. It was never seen by anyone. Primus was furious because his scavengers swore that the knife had been narrowed down to that stretch of land. But, he never saw it. He has no idea that Raphael snuck in as a regular worker one day through the angelic gift of illusion, found the knife, and absconded away with it. Nor does anyone know that I currently have said knife strapped to my back under my clothes.

At first I thought that since it was a Holy Object it would kill me. But, once Raphael blessed me he explained that the blessing protects me from being killed and that I can wield any Holy object there is now. Still, I feel the blade cutting away at my bra straps and if I should happen to have a wardrobe malfunction I will be the spectacle of the internet, blowing my cover, and alerting every vampire after me that I am in town and ready to be killed with my own weapon.

I checked into a nearby hotel and waited until it got dark then ran into the surrounding woods and waited as instructed. I heard the growling. Not human, but not vampire either. I think they’ve found a way to fuse dead bodies and damned spirits making a sort of zombie hybrid. And what do you know? They eat meat. The deer population has more than thinned out around here and these mindless eating machines are creeping closer and closer to town.

They only come out at night because the church prays for the sunlight to protect them from the monsters in the folklore and the zombie like creatures seem to have the spirit desert the dead body when touched by sunlight. There is a certain specialized guard that protects the town, but the carnalized flesh eating demons haven’t made it that far yet.

They will reach the borders of town by tomorrow night and if I don’t manage to get to the scared stone buried in the mine and use it to absorb enough sunlight to infuse this knife with so I can pretty much run through a crowd of starving walking dead slashing as I go then this town will be decimated. The only thing that will separate the dead bodies and the flesh eating spirits that have possessed them is sunlight.

My job tonight is to follow them and find out how they avoid being seen during the day. A daytime attack would be better. I could involve the local guard and just hope they wouldn’t put me to death too since they do tend to slay vampires along with everything else.

The hungry possessed bodies slowly walked toward me, and town, and seemed to talk amongst each other in a language I’ve only ever heard spoken in Hell. The only intelligible thing I could make out was all of two words.

“Get her.”