Bold Response

Dear Faulker,

I got your message. As your friend I cannot in good conscience send for anyone from the Deep Vault. They get confused easily and kill just to kill. They are anchors for dark ones and they enjoy watching anything that is breathing die. Somehow they can see the transition from this world to the next and when it is a southern transport that person’s soul is immediately torn in two so that the person can be tortured in two places at the same time.
Therefore, I have decided to join you on your quest. As someone who has been to the Jade Gates before, I can tell you that it is no easy task getting in, much less getting out without having been inducted into the ranks of the archangel who runs the fort. He is not to be trifled with. Raphael is always looking for new blood to help those whom have fallen into the darkness of vampirism and demon puppets. I am sorry to hear that you were anchored to a demon. This really upsets me.

However, I am relieved that you are still alive. After the issue of the Siren a few years ago I thought you had been turned into bait for her. Again, I am glad you are alive, reasonably whole, and still motivated to work. What are with without a mission?

As for your family, they have already been moved. Elle is as you suspect. She is still herself and I have heard that there was some sort of mistaken identity issue with Grenhelda. She has been given to Genivieve. Some sort of accident at the Silver Banshee Estate led to her losing her anchor and her limbs detached again. Horrid way to live. She is after your friends though, so be wary.

Faulker, I believe this may too be my last mission. I will gladly go with you. Please do not decline my assistance.

Also, I have it on good authority that Elle herself is near your proximity. She has been spotted in Transylvania just days ago. Do inquire about her yourself. She may prove to be a great ally in what is to come.

Sincerely yours,



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