Dark Anchors

Dear Alyce,

I find myself at the end of the world looking for some proof of life for my friends. There is one thing that is haunting me. A dark figure in the sky that constantly encircles me like a vulture waiting for me to fail. I think a stray silver banshee has made its way from Tibet to my end of the world in Russia. I was told that Lilli was beheaded by The Dragon and laid away in a facility somewhere south of here. Now, I find that she made a deal with the Siren and has decomposed into a fish. As, far as I know there is no cure for this, nor for heartbrokenness. Jared is beside himself. He blames his lack of gumption and attentiveness to his then comatose girlfriend after having been enlisted for service elsewhere. He will not name where he now serves.

But, this is not why I am writing you. The Asian Circuit has been assaulted by what looks like angelic force. I was under the impression that although God knew where the tournaments were being held that as long as human beings were not used as bait or fed upon on site that the angels were of no use there as there was no one there to save. The aura of the lair is distinctly of “Light Origin” and the attestations of the fights held before the flooding of the caverns indicates abnormal abilities that were used… even for us.

Please send a flare for me to the Deep Vault. I may need an accomplice for what I am trying to attempt. I am going to the Jade Gates to infiltrate Raphael’s camp and if I am successful I will bring back not only our friends but the general order to the Asian camps. We have lost 35 sites and thus around 49,000 units of blood per day keeping this dark world of ours at bay by supplying meals to vampires by order rather than open feedings.

I fear the Reign of Blood will begin too soon as a means of preventing starvation. Not many people know that the slow starvation of blood meals not only causes flatliners to regress to human, but also unlinks those of us tied to dark anchors. I myself am tied. But, I am well fed.
I may be killed at the Jade Gates or at least the link to my dark anchor will be severed and my mind will be free from the constant whispers of the world below. To this end I am willing to serve Primus and fulfil my duty.

However, if my alliegence should change due to his deliverance, I oblige you to have the Deep Vault Concord shoot me on sight. I do not want to endanger my family. Please send word to Elle if you can. I understand she is the new Grenhelda, but I have my doubts and quite frankly even if Elle is anchored to a mind splitting alter she is still my friend and she is still in there somewhere.

Best regards,



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