Zombies in Rum

My dear Alyce,

Thank you for the heads up. I went to Transylvania immediately after receiving your letter and found a mess. Apparently, Vlad has been ordered to experiment with animating lifeless bodies with dark spirits. This has not worked well as they have become poor renditions of zombies that have to stay soaked in a medium of rum and water in a nearby lake. Elle was spotted nearby from what I have been able to gather. But, I do not know where she is now. I only know that she has not been captured. The lifeless bodies were intended to be used during the Reign of Blood to act as an infantry when the human armies come against us. But, they move more slowly than a small child and largely stand around amused that they have legs to stand on.

Please reach out to Elle in any way that you can to see if you can set up a rendezvous. I have no idea if she is still at her last known address, has her mail forwarded, or has a more modern technological way of being reached. I hope that I do not endanger you with this request.



And then you said...

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