Intrigue Over Tea

Dear Faulker,

I received your last letter only today. I hope you had the good sense not to hang about in Transylvania for this long waiting to hear back from me. I knew you would go and I knew that it would take you much too long to get there. Also, I long to see you. So, I ran off to fetch Elle myself.

We are currently enjoying a lovely cup of tea and reminiscing about old times. We wish you were here. There is so much to tell you. Such as, Ryan has been rescued from The Pit. Elle went herself to gather him from a broom closet guarded by demon dogs. She also witnessed the resurgence of Aries who has seemed to have fallen quite off the map. In fact, he and his ex-wife are still stuck on one of Jupiter’s moons as far as she knows.

More importantly, she has seen Paul more recently than any of us. He is so close. He is almost completely human again and is desperately trying to save his girlfriend who apparently is an immortal. But, not just any immortal. She is the one Faulker. This girl is the one from the prophesy who can destroy everything that Primus has built and is the one he is currently searching for. We’ve certainly stepped in it Faulker.

Meet me at my favorite tower as soon as you can. I will hang around for the next week. Elle may be able to help us find out what happened to Lilli, Jared, and Bryan.

Yours truly,