The Wolf in Faulker’s Clothing

I am a mixture of emotions waiting to implode. Always inward. Always directed away from anything that can make me feel vulnerable. He’s here and I feel nothing. All of the dread I felt moments ago just fled and I feel downright numbed. Like a dentist would numb a patient before boring holes into their skull. How is that?

“Hi Alyce. It’s been too long.” Faulker said as he stepped out of the car kissing me on the cheek. He did the same with Elle and waited for me to invite him inside.

“Who’s in control right now?” I asked, eying him. He was never this smooth.

“Oh, does it matter?” he asked teasingly.

“No demons in my house. So, yes.” I retorted.

“Well, will the front porch do? I have to check in from time to time. And who is this lovely dish I’ve just greeted?” he continued.

That’s the thing about sharing your body with a dark spirit. It’s like having a split personality.

“This is Rita, by liege from another time.” I lied. No one can know that Elle is alive and herself. They must believe that Belle, though buried in the desert, was the right person who was targeted and lost or Hell will rain down on our heads.

“Senorita Rita, it is a pleasure.” He said stooping down to kiss her hand.

I wonder if a liar can sense a lie. He eyed me knowing I wasn’t being completely up front, but who would feel guilty lying to a demon?

“When can Faulker return?” I asked impatiently.

“When I say so. Anyway, what brings us here?” he continued.

“And you are?” I said, eyes boring into his, being mesmerized against my will.

“You may call me Brim. And I have traveled half way across the world because?” he insisted.

Again, a lie, “I told Faulker I would consider reconciliation.”

“Ah, you’re expecting your lover and here I am in the way. So sorry. Does Primus know we have detoured off of our last mission to be here?” Brim pressed.

“I’m sure he does or Faulker wouldn’t have been able to come.” I all but snarled at him.

“Tsk. I will have to do for a little while. I’m sure I could meet your needs.” Brim continued lustily.

“But, then Faulker might come up short later and you’re only here on this plane for what feels like a weekend to me. I won’t sell myself short.” I said, pointing to the swing on the front porch. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“Now, now. It’s not like crosses and such are any safer for you than for me. Surely I can come inside.” Brim continued.

“Coming inside is not happening.” I said, inflamed with embarrassment and rage. Into the house is not what he was referring to.

“Well then, perhaps he can return to you later.” Brim said in such a tranquil and sadistic voice I was suddenly afraid for Faulker.

“You mean after you’ve punished him for my rejection and he comes back piece by piece.” I said, eyes lowering.

I finally understand. This is a test. If Faulker was really here for reconciliation then I am supposed to be ready to accept them both regardless of who is in control. I was supposed to be willing to sacrifice my flesh for his alter ego’s desires if he is to remain unharmed. I should have picked a better lie to begin with and now if I don’t do this then Primus will send a real investigator, Elle will be found, I will be dismembered, and we won’t have made any difference in helping Paul. Wasn’t securing my soul’s new destination after the end of the world and becoming human again worth a few nights of senseless sex with my demon possessed ex?

My flesh crawled as Brim’s eyes devoured me inch by inch. His appetite would hopefully not leave me battered and bruised. I guess I am overdue for a few nights of fun. But, if I don’t get my head on straight I’ll feel more violated than sensual.

Drawing a deep breath I stepped aside and let him pass. “There will be no threesomes.” I declared.

“Pity. But, just the same, where is your room.” Brim asked as he began to pull his clothes off one article at a time as he walked down the hallway, eyes glowing a strange orange that burned into me.

This is going to be a long night. Elle just looked at me in horror and walked out of the front door, hopefully to get help. Or… to give me the privacy of my house while I hope this doesn’t hurt too much.


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