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The Spine Eater: Necropolis Prey


Chapter 1


They thought I was crazy. Given, I am sitting in a government controlled interrogation room with my hands cuffed behind me and a psychiatrist ready to give me another injection. I don’t think I was being loud. The flashbacks alone are enough to give anyone heart palpitations, cold sweats, and the inhuman strength of an adrenaline rush trying to escape.


They know it’s real. That’s why I’m here. They want to see what I know and determine if I’m a threat. I just want out. I just want out. I know that thing is in this building somewhere and that it senses me. It will find a way. It always does. I can never hide for long. It and I have a system you see. It comes looking for me to finish the job it started and I run. I run far and wide. I leave it somewhere in the middle of a crowd so it gets confused and loses my scent. Then I go home for a few days.


I mean where else am I going to go? It always finds me. It always does.


“It always finds me. No matter how far I run. It comes too close. I barely get away. I don’t know how other people survive except that it’s only after me. No one else. I’m the last one. Don’t you get it? It’s here. It’s not paranoia. It’s not a psychosis. I know what you’re doing. You’re testing it. You don’t care about my life and what happens to me. You just want to see what it will do. You want to use me as bait so you can observe it. Well I won’t stand for it. I’ve spent the last two months running and avoiding this situation… being trapped in the same building as it. But, you just… you’re ready to serve me up on a silver platter. I’ll die. I’ll die right in front of you and you won’t know what happened because you can’t see it unless it wants you to see it. You have to be very close to it in order for it to let you because it’s trying to decide if you’re going to be its next target. Most people get away. It doesn’t want just anybody. Most people get away. You will get away. But, I will die. You have to let me go. You have to.” I begged.


I feel it. It’s coming. I feel the dread building in my veins and no amount of tranquilizer will help that.


“And we’re supposed to believe that you’re not crazy? You realize why we can’t let you go. You’re a danger to yourself and other people.” The officer across the table said to me.


She reminded me of an agent I saw on TV. A show about aliens and how the girl was trying to prove the guy was crazy about his sister being abducted. Well at least she wasn’t eaten like I’m about to be. If dying so painfully wasn’t the case I might be willing to die just to get some relief from living in constant fear.


“I’m trying to survive here. I’m not going to hurt myself. This is bullshit. Look. I’ll wear a tracker. You can follow me as it chases me and see for yourself, but give me a chance here. I can’t just sit here. I can’t. You have to know that. You have to know you can’t keep it contained for long. Please just… Please!” I tried to negotiate with her.


She felt nothing. Her eyes looked curious like she wondered what kind of recreational drugs I was on. Believe me, I would indulge if I could, but I have to stay sharp. It can appear at any time. I have to be ready at any time to climb out a window, run through a door, and go from zero to fifty from sleep to running at a moments notice.


“What form does it take for you?” she asked calmly.


“A spider. A giant tarantula. When it feeds it has long tentacles that come out of a socket just behind its eyes. I changes size. It can be as large as an 18 wheeler truck, but I have never seen it get smaller than the size of a refrigerator. The tentacles only come out to feed. And they’re long. They extend over 40 feet if they need to. They pull you up and towards the mouth. But, you don’t get eaten in pieces. It’s like being stuffed into a wood chipper alive. It grinds you down and stores you in the hind part. Its mission was to collect specimens and return home. Out there. I’m the last one marked as a specimen.” I explained. No use hiding. Maybe they will let me go.


“Why do you think a giant spider is targeting you?” she pressed on.


“I was there. I work for an Army Installation and they said they needed a few civilian workers to participate in an experiment. I needed the extra money for college and so I went. I was in a room in a metal hangar for a while and then they moved us in a bunch of Humvees to a building farther from the base. Another hangar but with a large glass pane on the roof.” I began.


“And then what happened?” she asked taking notes.


“There was a low humming sound. Then a clicking like the sound of bugs walking. There were twenty of us. A shadow cast through the glass pane and then the glass broke. Tentacles tethered an Asian girl right underneath the pane and pulled her up. I can still hear her screaming. Blood rained down and we all scrambled to get out of there. Twelve of us made it out of the hangar. The tentacles got the rest.


“Once we were outside I could see the giant spider on the roof, shredding the older man wearing guard uniform that had held the door open for me to escape. I felt so bad because I knew it would have been me. I just remembered running through the desert. We were at an abandoned base not far from Edwards. I wanted to hide, but after it ate the guard it jumped down from the roof and started picking people off who stopped to hide. I don’t know how we’re marked. If there is an actual mark, I just know.” I continued feeling my heart beating out of my chest. I felt dizzy, and faint. The spray of the guard’s blood filling the air as he screamed filled my thoughts. Knowing that it could have been me.


“How do you know its mission?” she continued her questionnaire.


“I have dreams now. A repeating dream. This spider thing… it’s not them. It’s called a Spine Eater. It’s not what THEY look like. It’s a drone kind of thing. A live drone like we use rovers on the moon, it came here to collect specimens and it won’t stop until it has me. If I hadn’t been there and didn’t have these dreams… I know their plan. They probably think it’s some kind of gift to let me in on it. But, I don’t want it.” I told her.


“And their plan is…” She responded coldly.


“To seed. They are seeding another world with creatures like the ones found here. They need DNA. They need seed samples. They need to shred me into tiny pieces so their drone will return home and they can use the bloody little bits of my organs to form the seeds of their new world. They won’t stop until I’m dead. They won’t. You have to let me go.” I pleaded.


“What do they look like?” she asked.


“They… they look like us. They just… you can tell they’re different. They have something about them. They don’t age, they don’t get sick, they can use more of their brain than we can so they can do things that we only see in the movies. They’re here. I bet that damn spider is on some kind of remote control and when they find me they sick it on me. They… look you have to imagine that you’re a farmer okay. You don’t leave your crop to grow wild. You don’t leave and not collect seeds.” I told her.


“So, you think they seeded this world then.” She concluded.


“No. I think this world is the result of divine design. But, I think they are too and that since they look like us that maybe the ‘Let there be light’ and the world was made didn’t only happen here. I think that they treat us like we treat oil. It’s not enough to have the oil in our country, so we go to someone else’s country to get it and we fight over it right. So, they use seedlings from their world, then they come here to ours because maybe we have things that they don’t or they just don’t have enough. It’s hard enough to find life out there as it is. Maybe they just don’t have the numbers and they have a small planet that can’t support billons of people.” I explained.


“You think or… you know?” she asked.


“I see clips of half conversations like a murky memory every night in these dreams. I see them talking and… look this is just the gist of what I get from their conversations. Like they didn’t come from us, they got created separately, but they come here to get what they need when they don’t have enough at home. Okay. Now, I’ve answered all of your questions and I let your good doctor here stick me, painfully I might add, now let me go. Put a tracker on me and let me live. I have to get…” I stopped I saw it. Just down the hall. Flattened and crouched like always just before it gets ready to pounce.


“I’ll open the door for you.” The woman said.


“No.” I whispered.


“Haven’t you been begging to leave?” she snarled at me.


“It got out. It’s down the hallway. I see it.” I trembled. This was it. I’m going to die. In agony.



And then you said...

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