The Spine Eater – Necropolis Prey Chap 2


Chapter 2


She got up and looked through the square pane of glass on the door. “I don’t see anything.” She replied and placed her hand on the door handle.


“If this is it, then I know one of you is nearby. You may even be listening through your drone. All I request is that if this is it for me, then take these bastards in the room out with me because it’s their fault I couldn’t outrun you this time.” I said shakily. I could see the Spine Eater begin a slow almost mechanical crawl towards the door. A mechanical cheetah about to pounce as soon as she turned the handle.


She gasped and her breathing got awfully ragged. She stepped slowly away from the door and immediately uncuffed me. “Alright, you’ve got my attention.” She said.


The spider was crouched at eye level on the right side of the wall, just waiting.


“You see it now don’t you?” I asked rising slowly.


“Open the wall door.” She said sternly.


A door concealed as a concrete slab of wall sunk into the wall and slid open. The psychiatrist who had been sitting quietly in the corner behind me blinked hard, frozen in fear, probably trying to reason away why he was experiencing a mass hysteria moment. He injected himself with the needle he’d been saving for me.


“Dr. Hanzel we need to move.” She said and grabbed his jacket by the shoulder as she shoved me through the door.


But, it was too late. The tentacles burst through the glass pane and wrapped themselves around the doctor before he could fully turn to join us. He struggled in fear and the Spine Eater began to crush him like a python. It broke him into five distinct sections without breaking his skin and folded him so he would fit neatly through the square in the door where the glass pane had been. The sawing sound and blood gushing rang in my ears and this woman and I ran for our lives down a narrow hallway that let out into a large office full of desks and about twenty people.


“Tell me you got that on tape!” she demanded.


“You witch. I told you that you were using me as bait. You’ve have let me die with no problem as long as you recorded it.” I said spitefully.


She slapped me across my face so hard I nearly hit the ground. The door to the hallway behind us was closing as I regrouped and gathered myself to my feet.


“You little shit. I saved your life.” She said and stomped down the staircase leading to the desk area.


“You kind of had to. I put your on the line with me. I need to leave.” I said, following her and canvassing the room for another door.


A large screen in on the back wall played back the last moment of that man’s life. He stood there afraid, took the shot, we ran past him, she grabbed his jacket, the glass broke, and then there was static.


“Well, that explained what happened at the base you were at. Look, there was no advance notice that they were here to harvest anyone. They just said they wanted to see a random batch of people to see what you were like. Different vocal ranges, body language, height. Like a live photograph. Nothing about harvesting people. You were supposed to walk in, stand around, grumble out of boredom, and walk back out fifteen minutes later with a nice check for being observed by the Necrophiles.” She explained.


“That’s what they call themselves huh?” I said scoffing.


“No, that’s what we call them.” She said. “We both need to leave. Evacuate the building!”


As we walked briskly past the monitors I saw the room we had just been locked in. The door opened and static appeared on the monitor. It was coming. But, not just for me this time.














And then you said...

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