The Spine Eater: Necropolis Prey – Chap 3


Chapter 3


This place is a maze.


“We’re gonna die.” I said as we turned the fifth corner just to wind up in another office. We kept moving though.


“Shut up. It’s your fault I’m in this mess in the first place.” She said as she continued to lead the way for myself and about ten other people.


“You had every opportunity to let me go. But, no. You had to be the brass.” I snapped at her.


“Yeah well. I had my orders.” She said remorsefully.


“And now?” I said.


“I have my ass to save.” She said and opened another door.


I hadn’t realized that we were moving upwards. That last door opened up onto the roof and a helicopter was approaching. It was a good two minutes out though. The wait alone is enough to kill someone. You could have a heart attack waiting for that thing to burst through the door and try to throw yourself over the roof top just to have a quick and painless death. I wonder how far p we are. I looked down. Hmm… about 8 stories. I don’t remember anything about this place. I was thrown into a truck and driven here.


“So what happens after we get out of here?” I asked. I was hoping she wasn’t going to lock me up somewhere else as revenge for asking them to mark her too.


“Well, that’s up to you. You’re the one who’s evaded these things and lived since the disaster at Edwards two months ago. You’re a hard man to find.” She said.


Great. I’m stuck with her. “Again, what about your orders? I don’t want you hanging with me if you’re just going to turn around and shoot me later.”


She looked at me resentfully.


“I know you just saved my life. I thank you as a private citizen for that. But, if you remain a loyal officer of the government who put me in this situation in the first place, then hijacked me and put me in a concrete room to get eaten, call me crazy… but I don’t want you sticking with me if you’re still following orders from a government like that.” I told her bluntly.


“I told you. We didn’t know they were planning a harvesting.” She snapped.


“Well you damn well knew when you cuffed me to that chair last night to use me as bait and waited for that thing to come for me. That doctor’s blood is on your hands.” I yelled at her.


“No. He knew what he was in for. That’s why he took the injection. It makes you go numb. He didn’t feel very much when he died. He was mostly screaming out of fear.” She said pitifully as she thought of her fallen comrade.


I scowled at her hatefully.


“Look. Ok. I know what you’re thinking. But, no. The plan was not to let them kill you. If they’re after you then you’re our only lead to them. So, once the glass broke we would have gotten you out of there. They don’t like glass as far as we can tell and we were just hoping there was that same 30 second delay in between the tentacles and the glass breaking like at Edwards. For us it was watching glass break, then a 30 second delay before static hit. But, that would have been enough time to either get you out or make sure it wouldn’t have been a painful death.” She said.


“What’s your name? I want to call you by name while I’m cussing you out.” I demanded.


“Cassandra. But, you have to understand. You aren’t the only one they are after. And I’m not talking about just me. If they are seeding a new planet like you say then we have to know more, we have to communicate with the rest of the world to tell at least the military’s not to interact with them or agree to any more observations. So far 3,000 people have disappeared. You are the only person we recovered. The Necros got to everyone we tried to protect. We figured if we lured one to us we could capture the drone or destroy it or study it, or even contact them to tell them the deal is off and that we would no longer cooperate with them.” Cassandra told me.


“First of all, they build giant size changing spiders. That’s like a monkey shaking a banana at a nuclear missile and telling it to leave its tree alone. Second, if you suck at protecting people then why the hell didn’t you just leave me alone and observe me from a distance. Locking me in a building with that thing was messed up!” I shouted.


“Look…” she started.


“No. Shut up! You stupid people. Does the government think that it can really do anything? You might as well be the government of an ant hill. They have the tools to wipe us out and start over using our own ashes.” I lashed out at her.


“We know that, but we have to try. We can’t just…” Cassandra continued. The whirring of the helicopter drowned her out as it touched down.


We stopped arguing to get on. All twelve of us were safely aboard and as we lifted off every eye was on that door to the roof. It remained closed. I breathed a small sigh of relief as the helicopter turned away from the building’s roof to fly me away from this dreadful memory of a place. As we got further away I realized that the sun was facing us and our shadow drifted behind us onto the windows of the building.


But, big as day. An 18 wheeler sized spider with outstretched tentacles was perched on the other side of the rectangular building ready to pluck us out of the sky. Ice ran through my veins, then I remembered… We’d crash first and there was a good chance that I’d already be dead or at least so unconscious that I wouldn’t realize I was being eaten.


The strangest smile crept over me at the thought of escaping the agony I had seen so many times. Cassandra on the other hand was white as a sheet. And the screams of the other passengers filled the cabin as they looked on at the eminent death about to strike us down.




And then you said...

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