The Spine Eater – Necropolis Prey: Chap 5….


Chapter 5


Well, I heard a crash. Did Cassandra hit the woman? I didn’t want to look back. The guy in front of me didn’t look back, and somehow seemed to run faster. The woman behind me was panting and crying. Shit. I looked back.


I saw Cassandra jumping out of the huge SUV she had rammed into the Spine Eater and run across from it to another car which she revved loudly and squealed out of the parking spot speeding towards us. She hit the monster head on. Therefore, it was trying to eat its way out of the SUV to pry itself free. She got to the woman first screaming “Get in!”


Before the woman could completely sit down she was zooming towards me. I jumped in relieved he hadn’t out run me. I mean, he did. Let’s be real. But, outrunning me didn’t cost me my life today.


As Cassandra drove up next to him still running like a pro-athlete you could tell he really thought about whether or not he was coming with us, the painted targets, before jumping in.


“I figure, why get outrun and eaten because it’s pissed off you got away.” He said taking a deep breath.


She drove the top speed the smaller SUV she found could go and we were a good mile away before I saw a hairy leg emerge in the distance from the garage exit.


“I should probably mention it can jump.” I said just as it took flight and change to twice its previous size.


“What!” everyone shouted.


“Guns we need guns.” The man said.


“What’s your name? I’m calling you NFL if you don’t tell me.” I said as he rifled through the car until he found what he was looking for.


“NFL works for me. The aliens would have to hunt down a whole lot of people to get to me if they can read your mind and start looking for a black guy named NFL.” He said as he pulled the trigger of the grenade launcher. He left a nice little minefield for the spider to stumble upon.


It grew in size after the first one exploded trying to evade them with its larger size. But, NFL unloaded the clip and five explosions later I saw the Spine Eater angry and on its backside squirming.


“It’ll be back. It’s been damaged before. I think it uses some of the people it’s got stored in its hind compartment as bio matter to regenerate. We have about a day before it begins its hunt again.” I told them.


“We need to get as far away as possible.” The other woman in the car whined.


“That won’t do us any good. It will find us.” I said as I tried to get comfortable in my seat and soak in the joy of probable sleep tonight. It can’t regenerate fast enough to come that soon. I bet I’ll get a whole 8 hours of sleep. It’s been so long.


“No, I need to get away from you guys. It wants you not me.” The woman continued.


“How do you know that for sure? It saw you with us. Maybe it’s added you to its hit list. Maybe it added you too NFL.” I said sighing.


They looked at each other then looked back.


“Guess we need a game plan then.” NFL offered.


“No more government installations.” I said sternly.


“What about a submarine?” Cassandra asked.


“The damn thing can swim. I tried something like that once. It had no problem trying to get me while I locked myself in a cage in shark infested waters just to see if sharks could guard me from it. Needless to say several bloody shark parts washed up on the shore the next morning and I basically made it back alive because it was busy with a swarm of sharks. They could sense the bloody cargo in its hind quarters and in a frenzy tried to eat the spider. Three hours later I was almost 200 miles away and it still got to me by the next afternoon.” I explained.


“Got to you how?” NFL asked.


“Look, just because you have an alien predator hunting you does not mean the normal stuff of life stopped. I still have to go to the grocery store and do laundry. I was leaving my parent’s house to go to the post office and I saw it down the street. I took off running until I got to the sewage inlet and climbed down. I thought the smells would confuse it. And it did until later when I was en route to the bus station and it smelled the traces of sewage I couldn’t get off the backpack I keep with me. It found me getting a hot dog. I huffed it to the nearest bus that was taking off even though it wasn’t the one I had a ticket for.” I said yawning.


“Didn’t they kick you off?” the woman asked.


“No, they check your ticket later. I figured I could get a few miles between me and it. But, after about 20 minutes there was a loud thud on the top of the bus and it toppled over sliding down an embankment. Two people were never found. The two people between me and it. They got killed because it was reaching for me. Thankfully the embankment was next to a river. I jumped in and let it carry me downstream long enough to give me more of a wet dog kind of smell. I saw it looking for me through the water carefully as I tiptoed back to the main road and hitched a ride on the back of a landscaper’s pick up. Got about two days of peace after that. I went home. It came back.” I continued.


“Why do you go home? Doesn’t it know where you live?” Cassandra asked.


“I don’t think it registers that I live there or can be found there. It just finds me. My dad thought I was crazy but he saw it once. The Spine Eater thought I was him until it got up close. It’s like it can’t scan for the right person unless you can see it. My dad was all too happy to keep watch for me after sending the rest of the family up to my grandma’s. He stays behind to help me. Keep a fresh bag packed. A car ready if need be, and money. He says it never comes around unless I’m there.” I explained.


“Maybe he can’t always see it.” NFL offered.


“No, once you can see it you can see it. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be easier for it to just cloak itself and sneak up on me?” I reasoned.


“Why not just drive and stay on the run in a car?” Cassandra asked. Fair enough since that’s what we’re doing right now.


“You can’t ditch your dad’s ride and swim, jump over a fence, cut through a backyard, and hide while keeping up with a car. You’d always want to go back for it and you have to keep moving forward. Besides, I won’t leave my dad with no way out if it decided to turn on him for helping me.” I continued as the exhaustion of the day wore on me.


Before I knew it I was snoring. It felt good to fall deep enough asleep to snore.