The Spine Eater – Necropolis Prey: Chap 7…


Chapter 7



“If we are facing an extermination and the end of the world then what is the government who subjects its people to exposure to aliens and therefore knows about it, plan to do about it?” I sarcastically asked Cassandra.


“You know that pair of planets they found just outside our solar system that seem to be habitable and all the new ‘Mars Rovers’ they’ve been sending out?” NFL chimed in half asleep.


“Yeah, so?” I answered.


“So we borrowed their technology to make travel through space a lot faster…” he said and turned his head to go back to sleep.


“You mean the Necrophiles live there?” I asked shocked.


“No stupid. He means that the people the leaders of the world deem worthy of saving from extermination will be taken there while the rest of us are used as seedlings.” Cassandra answered.




“What do you expect? The government may be by the people and for the people, but they have no problem saving themselves and saying to hell with the people. Only a few, very few, have been tirelessly trying to get a mass transit system built in time. But still, only half the world’s current population could be evacuated and that’s if they started early enough.” Cassandra said.


“Will there be some kind of lottery system?” I asked.


“Ever heard of eugenics?” NFL chimed in sleepily again.


“Wake your ass up and tell me what’s going on.” I demanded.


He just chuckled. “The scum of the world will not be permitted to take the ride. Those who are left behind will not all be needed for seeding purposes. Then comes the slave army to fight their battles because the whole point of taking over our planet is to find soldiers to defend theirs. They’re drafting the earth, seeding soldiers, using our planet as a military compound that will come under fire and sending the so called righteous into space to a safe planet.” NFL explained.


“Are you kidding me? How do you know all of this?” I asked in disbelief.


“Because I am one of those few building the transit system.” He replied.


“You know. We need to talk more. No more of this outrunning me and sleeping when you know stuff.” I said frustrated.

Again he just chuckled. “Look kid. As bad as it sounds what I’m trying to prevent is the continuation of Hitler’s genocide. The Third Reich is alive and well. If they have their way, anyone darker than snow, fatter than a size 3, and smarter than dirt will be on the exclusion list. They want a few people in control of their version of pretty cattle. A regime that will last throughout the ages on a new planet. I have to make sure as many of every race survives as I can. I’m building an Ark System. Granted, we don’t want to take rapists and murderers to a new planet. But, that shit is human nature and will happen eventually even there. I have to ensure that their eugenic based plan does not work.” NFL continued.


“That’s why you felt marked by the spider.” I said.


“No, not really. The Necros don’t care about our squabbles and who we take with us as long as we’re willing to vacate and give them our planet. This is all in house.” He continued.


“How can we help and secure a spot to the new world?” I asked.


Cassandra scoffed.


“I doubt they’d send the spider into outer space looking for me and my family.” I added.


“Let’s just start by making it through this week okay. We head north just like you said. But, once we get far enough North I will have some people come pick us up and we will go to the Sahara.” He answered.


“Why?” I asked dreading the heat.


“Where else could I build something as big as an Arc System and not get caught by the tabloids?” NFL said grinning, sat back, and returned to his slumber.


“You could have mentioned.” I snapped at Cassandra.


“That’s confidential.” She threw at me angry that I was being so difficult.


I’m still spider food. Now I have possible refugee and slave soldier to look forward to. I shouldn’t have taken the job for easy money. But, if I hadn’t I would be just as hapless and helpless as the rest of the world. I wonder if the spider will go back looking for my family.


“Do you have a phone?” I asked.


“I already had your family moved. They’ll meet us in Africa.” NFL muttered.


I like him more and more. He knows how to have somebody’s back, unlike this government chick that I still don’t know if I trust. He may very well be the way out of this mess. So, I said thank you over my shoulder and did the one thing he’d actually asked me to do… keep a look out for the Spine Eater.


“Wait, what kind of inanimate objects? Maybe those are out there watching us too.” I asked Cassandra.


She yawned and looked at me irritated. I know she’s breaking all kinds of rules spilling these secrets.


“I’ll show you when we get there.” She said.


Off in the distance I thought I saw a hairy leg. But, it turned out to be somebody’s dog sticking their head out of a window. I know it can’t have recovered yet. It needs at least a day. Nevertheless, I can’t let my guard down. Now that paranoia has set in I can’t help but wonder if there’s more than one spider after me.


That’s not crazy to think that at this point. Is it?