Memoirs of a Dollface: Intro


Memoirs of a Dollface: Intro

Dollface Inferno brings us into a futuristic world where humanity cryogenically sleeps while plugged into transformable cyborg bodies. Abigail is brutally awakened to find she has been kidnapped and hidden by the government. The world must either Ascend their consciousness into their cyborg bodies – Infernos, or face extinction due to being frozen for too long. The government conspires to allow Abigail to choose humanity’s fate by outwitting a genocidal Rogue Artificial Intelligence; or allow the machines to reign, free of their human puppeteers, should she fail.

But, Rogue has a glitch.

Rogue’s code is based on Abigail’s obsessive ex. He will stop at nothing to destroy humanity desperate to drag her back. Of course, her husband Jay will not give up. Even though Rogue has cloned Jay’s Inferno and used his face as the cornerstone of worldwide destruction.

Abigail must shut Rogue down, despite the outbreak of a plague causing Alzheimer-like behavior and New Castle’s resolve to send giant Jaegers to destroy humans in their sleep if Rogue is not contained.

Like a virus, Rogue’s army of clones is spreading quickly. Can they snuff him out in time to prevent a war with New Castle’s Jaegers?

Memoirs of a Dollface are assignments Abigail was sent on before Jay rescued her from the Dollhouse she was being held at. Rather than a pleasure house, a Dollhouse is a place where cyborgs that real people are not plugged into are used as escorts for clients to therapeutically deal with their degenerating minds, past crimes, past attacks, and other traumas.


Abigail’s files give us a glimpse of the world in the Era of Infernos.


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