Memoirs of a Dollface: File Entry_102


Memoirs of a Dollface: File Entry_102

Today is a Holiday, the first day humans came online in Inferno bodies, called Mind Birth. Since we all technically have the same birthday because the whole world came online at the same time. So essentially, our  minds were born again in a new body. So, on Mind Birth we each get a new upload to maintain background files for smooth running, but more importantly a free download of a new skill.

I want to learn how to farm fish and be a part of restocking the depleted oceans one day when I leave  the Dollhouse. But, to do that costs a fortune. Even Dollfaces that are not plugged in get to have a free download. This could be my ticket out of here. The only problem is running away and not getting caught, dragged back here, and severely punished.

I’m scheduled to leave with a client who is heading for the Isle of Manhattan where I plan of tuck and rolling from the car and diving into the ocean from the bridge. We breeze out of the city towards the glistening waters surrounding the island. I wait to make my move.

Then the driver swerves and smashes through the railing sending us and the transport plummeting into the waters beneath. We hit the water with enough force to not only destroy the car, but severely damage all of our own critical systems. I can’t go to sea with a cracked retina display, waterlogged left arm, and smashed right calf.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but resetting your memory banks deleted your Mind Birth download for the year. It was probably just how to put on prettier make up anyway. You Dollfaces are more into fashion anyway. I hope it wasn’t a rare technique. If it was, have one of your friends apply it for you instead.” Frankie tells me as my smile sinks with my hopes for a new life.

The pea green Sentinel has come to collect me once again and escort me willingly or not back to work. I look at his warm honey eyes and wonder if I would have missed him had I made it to my destination earlier. The client apparently paid to reenact a suicide attempt and work through the emotions leading up to that and recovering from it. They killed someone before we were all asleep and have never made their peace with taking someone else’s life and having survived themselves. So, that was my assignment.

One more year of servitude.

-End File

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-End file.