Memoirs of a Dollface File Entry_107

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File Entry _107:

“How did you…” I begin.

“I track you for a living. I know how you breathe, I know you move, I can see your shadow from 6 blocks away. You didn’t think I’d know you were out here watching me?” he asks more playful than annoyed.

“Well, I just…” I try to explain and get instantly captivated by his honey eyes.

“You just… What?” he says smiling, dimples flashing, my heart pounding, and the world seems to stop moving all around us.

“I’m sorry.” I mutter.

“I’m not. Why don’t you chase me from a closer distance.” He says smiling and extending his hand. “Like walking side by side.”

I take his hand and we find ourselves inside of a diner. As we take our seats I decide to let all of the refinement I want him to think I have fade away. I mean he’s seen me in pieces… literally.

“I followed you because I want to know if you’re married and have a family and if I’m wrong to like you more than the other Sentinels.” I blurt out over the table as the waitress brings us cups for our coffee.

“Actually I am married, to my job in a way, and it’s okay to like me more than other Sentinels because I’m assigned to you. But, I wonder, do you remember me from somewhere else?” he asks.

“I feel like I do, but I don’t know where and there’s no way for me to find out.” I say frustrated. I feel like he knows more than he’s saying but since all of my audio and visual feedback goes back to the Dollhouse he can’t say too much.

“Would you mind?” he asks, extending his wrist with exposed USB jack.

I grasp is hand letting the port in my hand connect to him and see a flood of read only information of a life spent with him. I don’t know if these are his daydreams or mine. I see myself with him in danger, in safety, on a beach, in a cottage by a fire, nestled together as bears in the snow, on a bed of clouds holding him closely.

The next thing I know I’m lying in the staff storage suite waking from a beautiful dream. Where is Jay? How did I get here from the diner? How much of this was real?

“Good news everybody. The update has been revised and everyone’s motor functions have been restored. This has left a slew of new customers wanting therapy and we are swamped. Get ready for a full day.” The overhead speaker blares.

I think back to holding Jay closely and that he is married to his job, which is catching me. Maybe I can pretend he is married to me by proxy.

End file.


Daybreak: Flatlined: A Vampire Love Story by [Arcie, Elle]