RRA – 1st half of Chapter 1

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First half of Chapter 1:



I’m so excited that mom is letting me go to a school far away from everything that I have come to know and love. Mostly because I’ve lived with vampires my whole life and am beginning to feel like I was raised in a sort of mafia. There’s a lot of isolation there. To only be known by your family name and shunned by other kids that are flat out scared of my family. I think most people would rather the mafia than vampires.

They’re not so bad, once you get to know them. At least, that’s how things worked out for me. I have no idea why mom hasn’t bitten me yet. Though when I sneak out and do something stupid just to feel normal I’m sure the idea of having a permanently 15 year old son seems like a nightmare. At this rate I won’t get bitten before I’m thirty… or so she says.

I didn’t know that schools like Red Rail Academy existed or I would have begged and pestered her to let me go there years ago. I guess mom knows that once you go to a boarding school that the daily life of just being us would be over. My mom, a brilliant doctor, hypnotherapist, and vampire named Maribel Jones, has lived so many life times and always wanted kids. Being a vampire was in the way and so I was adopted. Fifteen years must seem like a drop in the bucket to her, so I kind of get why she waited so long to let me go.

Anyway, I’m packing my bags and going to France. I hope the weather is as good as it has been here in California. But, even if it isn’t I’d go to the moon to be out of my family’s shadow and have a chance for a normal life with friends and dates and playing sports.

I’m nervous. I’m medium build, tall, with dimples, dark curly hair, and fierce but soft brown eyes. I think I look like a younger version of my cousin Troy. Mom says I’ll be a heart breaker too someday. However, I’ve been living with vampires that look like supermodels and I have no idea how I measure up compared to that. What if I’ve been around them and the family secrets so long that I soaked in being creepy and repel the other kids?

I thousand thoughts like that ran through my head while riding in the car to the airport, sitting at the airport, watching the screen blink that all the flights to France are delayed and waiting for the layover in Texas on our flight to pass. I am talking myself into being a scared little mouse instead of the new cool guy on campus. I have powers, I just don’t know where they come from. Uncle Primus has been training me for years on how to harness my will and force things around me to obey me. So, this school could be a good thing for me.

The part of the flight where I just stared out of the window at the Atlantic Ocean put me to sleep and though I groggily remember exiting the plane, sitting in the back seat of a car and stumbling onto a boat I don’t really remember much else.

That nap did me a world of good. I would not have wanted to miss this. As the misty fog cleared and we drew closer to the school I saw the splendor of a castle on the high cliffs of a cove. All the lights were lit and it twinkled in the sky like a fairy tale. Life here will be magical, I will be the best version of myself I have ever been, I will become who I am meant to become here. And then my Uncle may ask me to help him invade the school. So, I’d better enjoy it while it lasts. I’m pretty sure no one put on the enrollment papers that yes, check mark I am a human but the rest of my family, sadly, is not. I might have to skip a few of those family days when parents and stuff come to school. I’d hate for my cousins to show up hungry and a few of my friends go missing.




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